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Top 5 Graphic Design Software for Label Printing

If you are in a business then you need customers to recognize products and services marketed by you as well as your brand. When it comes to reaching out to the vast community of online shoppers that have been growing consistently over the past two decades and now growing faster as a safe method to avoid the dreaded coronavirus infections you need to transmit your message most impressively.

As the proverb goes a picture is worth a thousand words, you have to depend on stunning graphic designs for your website. The reason is that such designs can easily catch the imagination of potential buyers to try whatever you are marketing. That is where the need for high-quality print works and the use of the best label printing machine would be essential.

Most of the tasks related to graphic designing including printing can be automated using one of the best software. There are various advantages of using such software are as follows.

  • Such software helps in the creation of high-quality graphics that can touch the heart of the target audience;
  • It can help the users to create blogs, edit product images
  • Best graphic design software can take the user’s business to a different level by increasing traffic movement to the site and enhancing the conversion rates substantially.

You cannot expect your business to jumpstart without impressing the online shoppers and that is where quality graphic designing software can help by the creation of stunning designs through the best quality screen printing works among others.

This means that you have to select the best software that would generate the best results for you. To help you make an informed decision in this regard we are providing the information on top graphic design software for general, screen, or label printing.

Below please find the list of our Top 5 Graphic Design Software for Label Printing

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design Software for label Printing When it comes to the best graphic design software for different types of print works Adobe Photoshop easily takes the top spot. Of course; several other graphic designing software has appeared in the market with time but the status of this software is something like that of Google among the search engines. It is the most used graphic design software for photo editing and print works.

The main features of the software are:

  • The software come in a package with many features supporting the creation of wining graphic designs;
  • Catering to the current trend the software contains various tools supporting the use of mobile devices for the creation of stunning print works;
  • Its “Creative Cloud” app comes with various capabilities such as the Face-Aware Liquify, cloud documents, Artboards, Contain Aware Crop, Design Space View, and Stylus Input Support, and various others;
  • The user interface is well designed and contains various workspace layouts that include Graphic and Web, 3D, photography, motion, and painting, etc with each one improving its capability ideal contents for the label, general, and screen printing;
  • Designers can create custom panels and windows in the websites according to their preference; and
  • The best part of it is that Adobe Photoshop can be downloaded and installed free of cost.

If you are interested in getting faster results then the best move will be to install this graphic design software on a powerful machine with enough primary and secondary memory. For a better appreciation of the functionalities of the software have a look at the pros and cons of the software.


  • The graphic design software comes with a complimentary mobile app;
  • The user interface is among the best in the industry;
  • You can manage photos using the Adobe Creative Cloud;
  • Designers can create 3D designs with it;
  • The software comes with a huge number of tools facilitating the creation of materials for high-quality printing;
  • It allows file transfer to different programs; and
  • The users can edit animation and video content with the software.


  • The latest versions of Adobe Photoshop comes with a subscription to Creative Cloud and recurrent payments can make it costlier;
  • It does not come with any perpetual license and
  • Too many features make it confusing for new users.

2. Adobe InDesign

Adobe indesign Graphic Design Software for label Printing If you are looking to create excellent publicity materials for general, screen or label printing then Adobe In-Design could be ideal graphic designing software for you. The main features of this amazing software are as follows.

  • Designers can create top quality materials including magazines, brochures, and publicity contents on websites and social media sites;
  • It is possible exporting the contents created to PDF or HTML;
  • The software is easier to use in comparison to Adobe Photoshop;
  • New users can learn the best way of amalgamating text and graphics quickly;
  • Editing of texts and templates are made easier by the “Adjust Layout” feature as the adjustment is automatic;
  • The use of sensei technology gives the software for automatic resizing as well as the arrangement of the images; and
  • With the Adobe InCopy feature, it becomes teamwork with members sharing various contents like graphics, texts, as well as colors.

Now is the time to have a look at the pros and cons of the graphic design software for printing.


  • It is very efficient in amalgamating graphics and texts;
  • The software enables streamlining as well as optimizing the files;
  • You can add tags to hyperlinks, indexes, anchor text, table of contents, footnotes, and captions among others;
  • It supports HTML and exporting cleaner and simpler codes;
  • It eliminates redundant div tags in the HTML files;
  • The software supports easy resizing objects; and
  • The Eyedropper tool helps to apply position and size to another object making it industry-standard graphic design software for quality print work.


  • The User Interface of the software is less friendly;
  • It is not suitable for common users and can be best used by enterprises only; and
  • The price is on the higher side.

3. CorelDraw Graphics Suite

Coreldraw Graphic Graphic Design Software for label Printing One of the popular graphic design software Corel Draw Graphics Suite is preferred by many because of its simple features and easy accessibility to its user interface. The software helps the user to create high-quality materials for general, screen, and label printing that can impress the target viewers effectively. That is why it is used by experts and beginners alike. The software has the following features.

  • It contains multiple apps;
  • The user interface gives you easy applicability;
  • It packs various professional features including a powerful editor that help to edit both images and texts;
  • Registered users can access numerous high-resolution images stored in its digital library captioned as “content exchange”;
  • The software offers more than 2000 vehicle templates, 350 professional templates, 1000 fonts, and 500 interactive frames, and many others;
  • Catering to the necessity of flexible payment options it offers three programs;
  • The software is consistently upgraded and users of licensed versions have to pay only nominal amounts for upgrades;
  • The software and its features can be customized giving the user complete control over the operation; and
  • It offers a unique New Pointilizer with a host of variable parameters.

A look at the pros and cons of the software would be useful for you.


  • With wide ranges of workflow and innovative additions from time to time it can improve the performance manifold;
  • You can opt for the in-built GPU acceleration facilities that help in creating system-intensive vector graphics;
  • It works in different modes making it suitable for all Internet-enabled devices including desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones;
  • The GPL Ghostscript features allow the user to import importing PDF from others; and
  • The graphic design software for printing supports exporting files in 48 different formats that include JPG, SVG, PNG, and AutoCAD among others.


  • The software does not provide complimentary mobile app like Adobe Photoshop;
  • Beginners may face difficulty in using the graphic software, and
  • While there is a free 15 days trial the full version, as well as annual subscriptions, is very high at around $474 and $198 respectively.

4. Inkscape

Inkscape Graphic Graphic Design Software for label Printing Inkscape is free graphic design software for creating high-quality print works including screen printing. It can be conveniently used for creating graphic designs that won’t make the graphics and text blur and becoming difficult to view or read. The main features of the free software are as follows.

  • The free vector software for graphic design and creating great print materials come upon every occasion with impressive performances;
  • It is easy to use as anyone knowing running Adobe Photoshop can easily handle the software;
  • Despite being a free graphic design software it does not compromise with the qualitative aspects and is regularly updated;
  • The latest updates include mesh gradients, and measurement tools among others;
  • The free tool is an excellent alternative to the free Adobe Illustrator tool; and
  • The open-source software enables the users to access the code and improve it manually.

Like others, it is now necessary to learn about the pros and cons of graphic design software.


  • The software supports multiple gradients;
  • A separate tool is provided helping deal with complex graphics and texts;
  • You can create text lines without frames;
  • Nodes can be moved around without many efforts using its Bwzier handles;
  • A host of tools in the software helps editing of contents and conversion of vectors;
  • You can download and use readymade plugin; and
  • The software comes with various pre-set programs that can save your time, effort, and money.

    • You cannot directly export the streaming text unless it is converted into the plain text;
    • Mac version of the software is not great;
    • It may not be compatible with some other graphic design software for general, screen, or label printing; and
    • Processing is slower in comparison to similar other software.

    5. Sketch

    Sketch Graphic Graphic Design Software for label Printing Sketch app Does not fit the graphic design purposes, however it is so popular that we decided to include it in our list. Sketch is vector-based software most useful for designing apps, websites, as well as user interfaces. This graphic design software for printing is ideal for creating prototypes for different purposes including UI and UX among others. The main features of the graphic designing software are as follows.

    • The price of an annual subscription to this software is lower than most others in the market.
    • Due to its capabilities of leveraging grids, it is one of the best software for use in mobile devices;
    • The software designed to snap to the grid functionalities as well as pixel functionality prevents imperfect alignments of any type as it is vital for designing apps and contents for mobile devices;
    • The software gives facilities to access its library of art-board templates or iOS operated devices;
    • Designers can create responsive web layouts using the software, and it helps users to identify and use custom plugins.

    We will now move on to the pros and cons of the software.


    • It can be shared or collaborated through the cloud;
    • The process of sharing of the interface in the cloud is available for the designers;
    • Users can choose the right design for particular devices;
    • Contents can be exported as PNG files; and
    • As Sketch auto-saves every change in designs reverting to the original design is simple and easy.


    • The software has limited illustration facilities;
    • You won’t find a high-resolution screen during accessing it from the cloud;
    • There is no automated layout flowing; and
    • It currently supports Mac only.


    Whereas there are many other free as well as priced graphic design software for label printing the above 5 out stand out in the crowd as the top providers of result-oriented services for the users. The designers are also constantly working to make further improvements o make the software more functional.