Quantumjet lite

The new system is integrated with a DURABOLT Technology

The new system is integrated with a DURABOLD Technology

Gulmen Digital, a manufacturer of commercial label printing and finishing machines located in Melbourne, Australia, developed the QuantumJet Lite industrial label printer to satisfy market and application demands for high quality and faster turnarounds.

With 30 years of experience in the label and packaging industry, Eddie Gulmen, President and Founder of Gulmen Digital, recognized an opportunity in the market for a 13-inch (330 millimeters) printing system and found in DURABOLT a technology partner that shared his vision. For Gulmen, navigating the challenges of Australia’s vast landscape and spread-out population was the key driver for developing a process color, mid-range platform that bridges the gap between high capital cost equipment and high quality performance.

Gulmen Digital views the new high speed, high resolution and low capital cost system as a great fit for printers in the consumer products space and businesses looking to reduce costs by offloading work from their flexo presses without sacrificing the quality of the printed product. With the QuantumJet Lite, businesses can eliminate process waste and reduce the room for error that surrounds analog print production including plates, inks, material and more.


Industrial Label Printer

The printer has a four-color, modular single-pass DuraFlex printhead, manufacturer Memjet, combines the best in speed, simplicity and affordability with increased durability, A4 and A3+ widths and a high-speed data link.


1. QuantumJet Lite industrial label printer
2. Bladerunner Digital Label knife Plotter Cutter


1. QuantumJet Lite industrial label printer
2. Digital Printing Finisher GE-DDLF330r


1. QuantumJet Lite industrial label printer
2. Anytron – any CUT Ⅲ

A Straightforward Technology

“Inkjet is brilliant. From the computer to printing, it’s straightforward like that,” said Gulmen. “You create the artwork, place it in a folder with automated color management, set the copies and off it goes. Digital printing allows users to save on material and labor. Plus, with digital the job can be finished faster.”

Celebrating a 20-year milestone, Gulmen Digital started in the label and packaging business as a service provider and eventually moved into manufacturing and distribution of commercial printing and converting equipment. Gulmen Digital identified a cost-effective way to speed up its engineering development cycle and bring a new inkjet printing solution to market quickly. The company sees a clear market for the QuantumJet Lite today and in the future.

Gulmen added, “the goal is to get to a point where a single person can manage a fleet of these printers. This platform will provide opportunities for further process automation to control the printer, like automatic unwind loading with turret rewinds and intelligent camera systems for fault detection and recovery.”

The system can consistently produce high volume jobs at 1600 x 1600 dpi print quality while running at speeds up to 150 feet (45 meters) per minute. The QuantumJet Lite can print on various types of materials used for labeling and product identification and it’s equipped with an intuitive color touchscreen that makes it easy to operate.