The10 Best Packaging Supplies in Melbourne

The 10 Best Packaging Supplies in Melbourne

Getting hands-on the right packaging supplies for commercial products is a critical step of production and marketing. If a business can’t manage to find complementary packaging or labels for their products to design, they can’t beat their competitors with a comparatively better approach. Designing your product with innovative packaging can simply boost or reduce your sales.

Considering the importance of this step, we have shortlisted OUR list of the ten best packaging supplies in Melbourne.

  1. TigerPak
  2. PowerPak
  3. Visy
  4. Gift Packaging
  5. SurePak
  6. Pack Queen
  7. NewPack
  8. Gilmores
  9. Castaway Food Packaging
  10. MelbPack


So far, Tigerpak is the best one-stop shop for all kinds of packaging needs. From commercial to the domestic range of products, they have you covered everywhere. They are known all across Australia for distributing both local and imported international standard packing brands.
Their unique eristics include:

  • 100% eco-friendly products
  • Guaranteed quality with cheapest rates
  • Experts to regulate each step

PowerPak is a family-owned business in Australia and has shown tremendous growth since it is launched. This industrial packaging supplier has single-handedly managed to accommodate an exclusive range of packaging solutions. With these exclusive solutions, they can cover a wide range of your desired products for packaging. If you want to partner with a team of enthusiastic and productive capacity, PowerPak is the best option on the list.
Other advantages:

  • Competitive price
  • Order before 4 pm to enjoy the same-day delivery

Packaging is all about impression and durability. If you are successfully done with these two milestones, you have won the game.
Visy is a big name in the commercial packaging supplies in Melbourne. Businesses that have expensive and delicate products to transport, must contact Visy. Their vast experience of 70 years gives them an edge over their competitors. Moreover, eye-catching, protective, and sustainable packaging is a win-win that any business may want.
They also focus on recycling materials, and therefore, play their role in sustainable packaging.

Gift Packaging
Gift Packaging is a highly recommended and reliable site to acquire special services of packaging for gifts. You can trust your gifts’ packaging with them. They have more than 50 years of experience in this niche and have outstanding customer service throughout their deliverance. The most special part of gifts’ packaging is they should look aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, they must beautify the overall appearance of your present. Gift Packaging knows all tips and tactics to play with various accessories and adorn your gifts with creative plus attractive packaging.

The fame of SurePak is not just restricted to Melbourne, but it is popular Australia-wide. With an extensive range of product lines and packaging supplies, SurePak is offering its services to several different industries. They aim to become a leading packaging supplier of Melbourne, and therefore, they are committed to delivering high-quality services.
Since they support a wide range of products, you may contact them without worrying about the type of business. Their offices are spread all across Australia, making sure they can promptly deliver to their customers.

Pack Queen
Though it’s a matter of sales and the experience of any service provider matters a lot, Pack Queen with comparatively less experience is doing far better than any emerging packaging supplies. In Melbourne, they have become a trusted source of packaging solutions for both small and large businesses. Since it is launched, it has served more than 50,000 brands which is undoubtedly a huge figure for a new, emerging company.
By acquiring the services of Pack Queen you will get:

  • Quality design
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Sustainable packaging

Customers’ satisfaction will always remain the priority of NewPack. They have a highly cooperated team of designers that not only works to produce suitable and quality packaging but educates their customers to choose the best for their business. If you are not aware of the design or packaging that fits your needs, you can rely on their advice. Besides this kind gesture, NewPack is always after providing the best experience of using their services. They have numerous wholesale packaging solutions and pricing to suit your budget and needs. Therefore, you can access them without wondering about anything whether it’s the design or price.

Gilmores is doing its best when it comes to providing a personalized experience for packaging in Melbourne. Indeed, you can’t easily find another competitive site providing the same high-quality, personalized services at fair prices in Melbourne. They are exclusively dealing with industrial packaging and office supplies for orders coming from all across Australia. However, in Melbourne, it is one of the leading suppliers. Their packaging supplies are way too cost-effective, hence any small business can easily approach them. Besides economic pricing and innovative products, they also provide technical support which is appreciable.

Castaway Food Packaging
If someone owns a food business, we would recommend them to check out the packaging options available at Castaway Food Packaging. They have excellent expertise in designing packaging that has value for money. It has been above 35 years since Castaway was in operation. Since then, the trends and desires have been significantly changed. However, the evolution and growth of Castaway remain constant throughout this time.
Like many other companies, Castaway is also striving to secure the environment by working on recycling and producing sustainable packaging supplies.

Another site with high-end commercial packaging is MelbPack. It has been over three decades since the company is established. So you can imagine how far they have come while serving their target audience with consistency and determination. They always have a sufficient number of products in stock, and therefore, they can immediately supply your desired products and services. To accomplish their goal of customers’ contentment, their representatives are always there to help you.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned names of packaging printers and label companies are regarded as the top trending companies in Melbourne. This conclusion is drawn from their services and customer reviews. However, there is a chance that not every individual is going to experience the same. You may opt for one of the above lists or any other if you like.