Self adhesive label material

Self-adhesive label material

We offer a wide range of label materials for printing roll self-adhesive labels for a variety of applications.

Paper-based materials are available in a variety of colours and specifications.
We offer glossy, semi-glossy, coated, matt, water-resistant, pharmaceutical, metallised, foiled and wine materials.

Thermal paper

Thermal paper is a material designed for thermal printing. In particular, this material is used for the production of logistics tags.


Polypropylene is suitable for small and medium-sized labels due to its inelasticity. Polypropylene-based materials are available in clear or opaque and in white or metallic colours. It is often used in automotive chemical packaging.

Due to its flexibility, Polypropylene films are well suited for containers with irregular surfaces, or for products subject to deformation during use. Polypropylene labels are used for packaging of chemical and household products, e.g. on shampoo bottles, gels and canisters of household chemicals. Polypropylene-based materials are available in white or transparent.

We help you select a self-adhesive label material

If you have a complete requirement for a self adhesive labels in rolls, our experts can advise you on the right material. If you don’t have any technical requirements, our experts will advise you on the type of label you require.

We offer self-adhesive label material at a very competitive price!