quantumjet lite

QuantumJet Lite label printer

The QuantumJet Lite Digital Inkjet Industrial Printer is the ideal solution for printing labels and sticker on paper weights up to 450gsm. It provides a wide range of options for creating quality prints in industrial environments where high quality and speed are required.

One of the advantages of the QuantumJet Lite is its high print resolution. With a resolution of 1600x1600dpi, this printer can produce high-quality labels. This provides bright, saturated colors, clarity and detail in printing.

In addition, the QuantumJet Lite has a print width of up to 330 mm, allowing you to print on a wide range of cardboard products, including boxes, labels, packaging and more. This machine also has a print speed of up to 45 meters per minute, making it ideal for high-volume printing.

Another advantage of the QuantumJet Lite is its flexibility. This printer can print on a variety of materials, including glossy and matte cardboard surfaces. It can also print on a variety of formats, making it ideal for different types of print jobs.

In addition, the QuantumJet Lite offers high reliability in operation. It has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance, which reduces the overall cost of owning and operating the machine.

In conclusion, the QuantumJet Lite digital inkjet industrial printer offers a wide range of options for printing labels and stickers. It offers high quality, speed and flexibility, and is reliable and durable.