R2R 210 Label Production Machine

R2R 210 Label Production Machine

DeskTop R2R Label Printer – Plug and Play!


Self Adhesive Reel to Reel Label Production Machine. Low cost, low overhead Digital Printing Solution. Certified for Marine transportation BS5605 standard.

Blue Wool Scale rated at level 7

Variable data printing, nesting, barcode, color management process – all at click of button producing labels on demand!

You can purchase 5 units to the price of one compared Imagine the production power!


R2R 210 Specifications

Digital Reel to Reel Label Production Machine – Printing Labels on Demand. includes self-estimating costing structure, printing capabilities on 95% certified by Gulmen Digital machinery supplies.

This machine Supports – White Toner

Major benefits for the end user:


  • Absolute minimum set up time up to 5000 labels 100mm X 150mm
  • Easy software image arrangement and costing
  • Colour management to match colors on demand
  • Printing up to 95% of material certified and supplied by Gulmen Digital machinery and supplies with full warranty on product.
  • Low cost overhead
  • Banner printing up to 1200mm
  • Nesting continuous printing up to 400m
  • Printing on demand proof printing or customer acceptance
  • Knowing costing before printing within minutes
  • Printing materials Gold, Silver, Gloss PP, Clear PP, Matte PP
  • Unwind roll diameter of 400mm
  • Mechanical Web guide •Infeed nip roller
  • Guillotine cutter auto cutting and manual cutting
  • Material guide to feed continuous paper into the print engine
  • Sensor – Second pass/gap sensor/eye sensor/back sensor
  • Print Engine CMYK toner based high yield, blue wool scale tested to be level 7.
  • Rewinder unit with independent drive/dancer arm for precision rewinding /lateral spindle to correct web rewinding guidance/76mm mechanical expandable core chuck

Printable Media

  • Standard A4 sheets in sheet format .Reel to reel format, printing on all types of medial NO coating required: self-adhesive paper
  • Certified Poly propylene white gloss, matte and clear
  • Certified Vinyl material
  • Light Cardboard
  • Pre-die cut labels

Adjustable web guider

  • Minimum 3” to 8.5” (76mm to 215mm)
  • Quick set up mechanical lock and unlock system
  • Accurate feeding avoiding lateral movement

General Information

Some general R2R 210 Specifications:

  • Premium Speed 30 f/m 9M/M on average
  • Optional material heat settings for different speeds which improve bonding on various media.
  • Resolution 600 DPI X 1200 DPI
  • Maximum thickness 0.05mm to 0.5mm
  • Second pass sensor
  • Gap sensor
  • Printing on face of material
  • Printing on back of material using second pass option


  • Windows based softrip
  • Color management
  • Variable data printing
  • Bar code printing
  • Nesting
  • Self-estimating label costing

Extra specifications:

  • 240V for Australia and New Zealand Optional USA or Europe available
  • PC or laptop compatible windows XP, 7 & 10
  • Network connection recommended to transfer file


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Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 80 cm