Labelmate RRS-8-12 Label Splicing Package

Labelmate RRS-8-12 Label Splicing Package

Money-saving Label Splicing System with Splicing Table, Rewinder and Unwinder!
Here is a wonderful new solution for splicing label rolls. These turnkey packages allow you to splice one roll of labels onto another in order to make a larger roll from two smaller ones or to change label types during a production run.


Labelmate RRS-8-12 Key Features and Benefits

  • 8″ wide Splicing Table accepts all label widths from 0.5′ to 8″.
  • Pre-set 6-digit Counter stops system when desired count is reached.
  • Fully Bi-Directional operation controlled from a single Control Panel.
  • Dual Label Sensors for left-to-right or right-to-left Counter operation.
  • Speed up to 240-ips (6096-mm/s) for fast label handling.
  • Premium quality 3” “Quick-Chuck” Core Chucks for maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Outer Label Flanges included to guide outer edge of Label Roll. (not shown in photo).
  • Convenient Splicing Tape Roll Holder right on the Splicing Table.
  • Extra Roll Holder in case “Alert Labels” are used to alert users that the labels are about to change.
  • Universal worldwide Power Supply is UL, CUL, & CE rated / certified for 100-240V 50-60Hz operation.
  • Under and over Label Rollers with Guide Rings insure smooth label transport over the Splicing Platen.
  • Stainless Steel Splicing Platen has precision Knife Grooves milled at 80º and 90º to Label Path.
  • Full-width drop-down Clamping Bars hold Labels on Platen during the splicing operation.
  • This product is backed by LABELMATE USA’s full 3-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty.
12″ (304-mm)0.5″ to 8″ (12.7 to 203-mm) RRS-8 Splicing Table

  • Two CAT-3-CHUCK-220 Motor Drive Units, with 3” diameter,
    8.6″ wide “Quick-Chuck” quick-locking Core Chucks and two
    Label Flanges.
  • Convenient Control Panel controls both Drive Units’ Torque and
    Direction for ultimate control over speed and Rewind Tension.
  • Pre-set 6-digit Counter (for opaque labels only) with Counter
    Reset Button on Panel.
  • Splicing Tape Roll Holder for 1” or 2″ wide tape on 3″ Core.
  • Two Adjustable Locking Bars with hardware lock the Splicing
    Table and the Drive Units into perfect alignment.
16″ (406-mm)0.5″ to 8″ (12.7 to 203-mm)The RRS-8-16 is identical to the RRS-8-12 except that the
Unwinders/ Rewinders have a 16” Roll Diameter capacity.

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