AccurioLabel 190 Digital Label Printer

The global label market continues to expand by the day with the prospect of further stable growth in the future. The ratio of demand for digital labels is increasing year by year, giving rise to a trend of growing demand for small-lot printing


Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 190

As the number of high-mix low-volume print jobs continues to increase, print companies now find themselves in a position where they also need to be able to cope with orders with shorter lead times than with conventional high-volume printing. Printing demands that were difficult to cope with using analogue printers can now be handled efficiently thanks to the flexibility that is one of the advantages of digital printing. The added value that digital printers provides for tasks such as variable and numbering printings enables print companies to realise product differentiation amidst diversifying market needs.

Why Digitise Label Printing?

The AccurioLabel 190 is a digital label printer that offers high productivity, image quality, operability and economy, is a “Perfect Fit” for new market expansion and parallel use with existing analog machines.

Users to whom AccurioLabel 190 is recommended

Small to medium-size label and seal print companies who take on orders for local brand work.

Food and beverage products (e.g. event-related goods, souvenirs such as local wines, jams, ham and cheeses), cosmetics, beverages (small lots for events), local household detergents that use packaging film, and so on.

  • Print Method: Dry-toner electrophotography
  • Colour Support: CMYK
  • Printing resolution / gradiation: 1200dpi (3600dpi equivalent) x 1200dpi/8bit
  • Max. printing image size: 480 x 320 mm at normal mod, 1195 x 320 mm at banner mode
  • Paper width: 330 mm
  • Printed image width: Max 320 mm (max inage quality guaranteed width: 297 mm)
  • Max. unwinder /rewinder diameter: 500 mm
  • Paper thikness range: 60 to 250
  • Feeding Speed (Printing Speed): 18.9 mm/min, 13.5m/min, 9.45m/min (speed depends on paper type)
  • Compatible file formats: PS, PDF (APPE compatible), 8bit TIFF
  • VDP file format: PPML, PDF-VT
  • Printing media: Paper: Non-tack paper, tack paper, Film: Tack film (syntetic paper, PP, PET)
  • Power reuirements: Engine: single phase 200V 22A 50/60Hz. Roll feeder/wider: 3-phase, 200V, 4.1KVA 50/60Hz
  • Operating conditions: Temperature: 10 to 30C, Humidity: 10 to 80%RH, No condensation. 20%RH gradually decreasing to 10%RH at 20C. Temperature: 18 to 23C, Humidity: 40 to 60%RH

Achieves high image quality and productivity thanks to our cutting-edge digital print technologies

High image quality and high-precision printing
Multi-gradation Data Processing at a high Resolution of 1200dpi x 8bit High resolution of 1200dpi produces a high-precision finish. Combined with the reproductive capability of digital toner HDE, small characters and fine lines can be printed clearly and color images beautifully output in rich gradations.

8bit/256-gradation processing
Colour and monochrome are processed at a resolution of 1200dpi x 8bit with 256 gradations expressed in 1 pixel.

“S.E.A.D” – Image Processing Technology to meet Sophisticated Needs
Furnished with an even more evolved “S.E.A.D.” – Konica Minolta’s unique image processing technology. High-precision image processing is performed in close linkage with the image formation process, achieving a high-dimensional fusion of “productivity,” “image quality” and “stability” and producing high image quality by taking optimum advantage of the engine characteristics.

High Printing Speed
Realisation of production speed 13.5m/min for tack paper Equipped to deliver top level speed and stable printing performance,
the AccurioLabel 190 can reach speeds of 18.9m, 13.5m and 9.45m per minute, with the variation of speed dependent on the paper type that is selected. In addition, the fast startup after switching on the power enables reduction in setup time, enhancing output productivity. For example – 8-up labels on A4 sheet capable to print 10,000 labels (263m) in approx. 25min (13.5m/min).

Outstanding Operability and Maintainability
Colour adjustment and re-printing is much easier on the AccurioLabel 190 when compared to analog machines
Compared not only to flexography, but also liquid development and inkjet printers, the AccurioLabel 190 is easy to maintain. Tasks that take time on analog machines such as colour adjustments can be performed with ease on a digital machine. The ability to perform operations simply by following on-screen instructions makes it possible to operate the machine with little time needed for training.

Mouse-compatible Operation Panel
The large 15-inch display adopted is easy to view and operate. The angle of the panel can be freely adjusted to suit the user and the easy-to-understand GUI and guide messages ensure high operability when making settings. A USB mouse can also be connected to improve operability.

High Media Compatibility
Allows use of labels in various applications The AccurioLabel 190 is equipped with the new HDE digital toner
to further improve image quality and conserve energy. The 3- dimensional hybrid structure which incorporates functional ploymers provides high contouring performance for all types of media, resulting in natural textures. The lower fusing temperature also contributes to major reductions in power consumption.

No need for printing plate
Provides flexibility for high-mix low-volume jobs at low cost Unlike analog label print systems, The AccurioLabel 190 does not require plates to be made. This means that label printers will see a reduction in the waste generated from samples due to stable and precise output from the very start of the print job. In addition, label printers can also expect a reduction in labour costs thanks to a digital workflow which results in a reduction in production costs when compared to analaog label print machines for small to medium runs.

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