CitroSonic C20

CitroSonic C20 cleaner works as a result of sound waves via electro mechanics (high frequency) supply unit-Pulsating evenly throughout the solution.
Transducers mounted on the cleaning tank vibrate at high frequency. Mechanical vibration pulsating sound waves into the solution. The waves travel throughout the solution creating waves of compression and expansion removing the muck from the surface cleaning the component as new. CitroClean (multi -purpose cleaning solution) and Citrosonic cleaner combination is recommended for best C20


Follow some samples that you can clean with Citrosonic cleaner C20

Aircraft components, brakes, machined parts
Anything that is honed, lapped, bued, or polished (ceramic, glass, metals)
Automotive fuel injector nozzles and components
Blind cleaning (window blinds)
Carbide cutting tools
Cathode ray tube components (TV picture tube components)
Computer disk drive and head components
Fire restoration
Glass substrates
Glassware cleaning (laboratory glassware)
Hybrid microelectronic circuits (thin and thick lm circuits)
Hypodermic needle stock (cannulae)
Jewelry cleaning (new manufacture)
Lenses, ophthalmic, precision
Maintenance – cleaning of electronic assemblies
Maintenance – cleaning mechanical assemblies
Maintenance – cleaning of food manufacturing lling equipment
Medical glassware (vials)
Molds (maintenance cleaning)
Nuclear decontamination
Optical components
Orthopedic implants
Preparation of metals prior to titanium nitride coating
Quartz crystals (radio, television, computer, pagers, cellular phones)
Semiconductor, components, substrates, and sub-assemblies)
Surgical instruments
Thick lm furnace belt (during operation)
Weapons (maintenance cleaning)
Wire dies (drawing dies)


  1. Normal and soft power control to resolve the cleaning blind spot.
  2. Time Setting:0-30 minutes adjustable.
  3. Heating20-80 temperature adjustable
  4. User-friendly and clear panel
  5. Memory function
  6. LED display for temperature and time
  7. High-performance transducer
  8. Patent products

Click here to download CitroSonic cleaner C20 specification