Bottle screen DTB 600 printer

Bottle screen DTB 600 printer

UV printing is a digital system which consist of UV flatbed printer, UV inks and RIP software to print directly on the product surface and can be use as bottle screen printing. It uses ultra-violet lights which will cure inks immediately once items are printed, so it can print on almost any kind of materials from plastics and glass to wood and metal with a better printing result and finer detail. Additionally, the UV inks are produced environmentally friendly with no smell and the process of UV curing helps increase the resistance to fading.


Bottle screen DTB 600 printer

  • Model DTB 600
  • Printing technology-Piezoelectric inkjet
  • Print head Dual XP2000 (up to three heads)
  • Max printing size 60*90*20 cm
  • Max printing thickness 20 cm
  • Max printer resolution 5760*1440 DPI
  • Printer size 140*130*80cm
  • Ink type UV ink
  • Colors Two heads: CMCMYK + WWWWWW
  • Ink curing unit UV LED lamp
  • Distance accuracy Error of less than 0.3 mm of distance traveled
  • Printing speed 4 pass 16 sqm /h, 6 pass 10 sqm /h, 8 pass 7 sqm /h
  • Voltage AC 110/220 V (Adjustable)
  • Working environment Temperature 10°-35°C (50°-95°; Humidity 20% – 80%
  • Data transfer USB 2.0 Speedy
  • Operation system Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7 etc…)

Bottle screen printer


Bottle screen printer DTB-600 Latest ink pump system Latest ink pump system Super stable ink mat and heads seal technology, all nozzles of head will be full of ink only by pump ONE second, save your ink, protect your print head as well.

Bottle screen printer DTB-600 Imported JFLO Chain
Imported JFLO Chain
Imported chain from brand JFLO which suitable for high speed movement with no noise and minimize the damaging hence to extend the lifetime and reduce the maintenance cost.

Bottle screen printer DTB-600 HIWIN Linear guide rail HIWIN Linear guide rail
All linear guide rail in machine are all real HIWIN products.

Bottle screen printer DTB-600 White Ink Stirring System
White Ink Stirring System
Automatically stirring white ink tank avoiding the block of print head and save > 30% inks, and protect print head at the same time.

Bottle screen printer DTB-600 Self developed main board Servo Motor
controlled by computer chip, provide accurate displacement and speed control.

Bottle screen printer DTB-600 Servo Motor Self-developed Main Board
Own patent owned which printer will not slow down after long-time working .

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Click here to download DTB – 600 UV Tech printer specification