Anytron Any 002 color label printer

This is an excellent digital colour label printer designed to print small batches,
printing up to 5.000 colour labels within 2 hours. An efficient and cost-saving machine that makes printing jobs fast and easy. Its laser engine system performs a 600*1200dpi high resolution to print on continues media only. Operation of Any-002 is simple and easy so no professional technicians are required to print, decreasing the operational costs even more.


Anytron Any 002 digital color label printer

7 benefits for Anytron Any-002 customer

No set-up time More than 3,000 labels (4″x6″) within 1 hour Less working space with a desktop design Easy operation / No professional technicians needed Simple color calibration by software Variable data (barcode, numbering, image) support Long labels up to 1,200mm.


Any-002 is an optimum technology solution for small batch printing. Equipped with a 600*1200dpi high resolution color laser engine, it supports high precision printing using toner. It can print on continues media only. In addition, it gives benefits of efficiency and costsaving by printing a variety of color labels in an easy and fast way.

Once Any-002 is installed labels can be printed out at any time, no minimum of labels required, minimizing the inventory
costs and waiting time for your customers. By using high capacity toner and drums, labels can be printed in high resolution but still at reasonable prices.

Because of its dimensions Any-002 can be installed in a small space, so is not necessary to have a large room to place it.

Labels can be printed in different types of medias such as: art papers, certified PET, PP,
transfer paper, or medias suited to customer needs. This printer has the certification BS5609, which means that labels printed with Any-002 fulfil the new global harmonized system (GHS), a regulation for chemical labelling. To be certified the labels need to have a high resistance to water, sunlight, heat, cold, abrasion and chemicals. Because of this advantage, the high quality of printed labels can last longer without been deteriorated by the impact of external environment.


  • Unwind roll diameter of 400mm
  • Mechanical Web guide
  • Infeed nip roller
  • Guillotine cutter auto cutting and manual cutting
  • Material guide to feed continuous paper into the print engine
  • Sensor – Second pass/gap sensor/eye sensor/back sensor
  • Print Engine CMYK toner based high yield, blue wool scale tested to be level 7.
  • Rewinder unit with independent drive/dancer arm for precision rewinding /lateral spindle to correct web rewinding guidance/76mm mechanical expandable core chuck

Printable Media

  • Standard A4 sheets in sheet format
  • Reel to reel format, printing on all types of medial NO coating required: self-adhesive paper
  • Certified Poly propylene white gloss, matte and clear
  • Certified Vinyl material
  • Light Cardboard
  • Pre-die cut labels

Adjustable web guider

  • Minimum 3” to 8.5″ (76mm to 215mm)
  • Quick set up mechanical lock and unlock system
  • Accurate feeding avoiding lateral movement

General Information

  • Digital Label Printer – Any 002 has Premium Speed 30 f/m 9M/M on average
  • Optional material heat settings for different speeds which improve bonding on various media.
  • Anytron Any 002 Color Label Printer has Resolution 600 DPI X 1200 DPI
  • Maximum thickness 0.05mm to 0.5mm
  • Second pass sensor Gap sensor
  • Printing on face of material
  • Printing on back of material using second pass option



  • Windows based softrip
  • Great Color management with Anytron Any-002 Digital Label Printer
  • Variable data printing
  • Bar code printing
  • Nesting
  • Self-estimating label costing

Extra specifications:

  • 240V for Australia and New Zealand Optional USA or Europe available
  • PC or laptop compatible windows XP, 7 & 10
  • Anytron Any-002 Color Label printer has Network connection recommended to transfer file

Click here to download Digital Label Printer Any 002 specification