Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230

A digital label printer that offers enhanced productivity, job flexibility, operability and excellent image quality. The AccurioLabel 230 is perfect for commercial printers and label converters looking to expand and can work well for label converters with existing analogue label presses.


Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230

High performance in compact system

  • High productivity with maximum print speed of 23.4 m/min
  • Excellent image quality to meet a variety of needs
  • Wide media compatibility without pre-treatment
  • Small foot print
  • Intuitive operation
  • Sophisticated colour management features
  • Superb colour stability

Commercial label printer

Label converters and print companies are challenged by market demands for shorter turnarounds and shorter runs more and more. Their customers are looking for shorter-runs, faster and are seeking a variety of applications. With a digital label press, like the AccurioLabel 230, orders that were once difficult to handle with analogue presses can now be handled more efficiently. Greater value can be added to the print product using VDP or numbering, helping to differentiate the user amongst their market.

Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 with its superb productivity, image quality and operability as well as its economical features makes it ideal for those wishing gain a foothold in the label market and requiring parallel use with existing analogue presses.

The AccurioLabel 230 is able to meet a wide range of diversifying needs

Thin line expression
Thin lines in complex line images are faithfully reproduced by the edge treatment function.

Solid density
Solid black areas with high image density can be expressed with a suitable glossy appearance.

Photographic image quality
Realisation of stable, high image quality by multi-gradation data processing and an expansive colour gamut.

Variable data printing
Content can be changed for each sheet, depending on the customers requirement.

Barcode printing
Small barcodes can be printed without blurring. Variable barcodes can also be printed.

Small point characters
Small characters are vividly printed to ensure ease of reading.

An abundance of gradation expressions helps achieve a natural finish.

Reproduction of skin-tone
Roughness of the skin can be suppressed to reproduce richly-textured human skin tones.

To meet the demands of digital printing businesses including shorter turnaround and expansion of print applications, the AccurioLabel 230 improves overall productivity and job versatility and includes overprinting capability on pre-printed transparency or coloured media. The demand for digital is growing rapidly as the market expects shorter turnarounds and expanding print applications.

High quality digital labels, consistently

High image quality is realised by Konica Minolta’s unique technology. Colour variation is controlled, ensuring stable and beautiful finishes from the first print through to the last print. High image quality results in higher value printed output generating additional revenue for the business.

Multi-gradation data processing at a high resolution
High resolution 3,600 (equivalent) × 1,200dpi × 8bits

Cutting-edge image processing technology
S.E.A.D. V

High quality with energy-saving
Simitri HDE toner

Outstanding Operability

When compared to traditional label printing technologies including flexography, liquid development and inkjet, the AccurioLabel 230 ensures maintenance tasks can be performed with ease.
Tasks that take time on analogue machines such as colour adjustments can be performed with ease on a digital machine. The ability to perform operations simply by following on-screen prompts makes it possible to operate the machine with little time needed for training.

1 Calibration
Screen to implement calibration. Calibration accuracy can also be checked on the same screen.
2 Spot colour editing
A function to set special colours designated by the user. Capable of registering colours directly by selection from the colour chart.
3 Tone curve adjustment
A function to allow effortless adjustment of contrast and brightness according to preference.
4 Colour replacement
A function to replace selected colours with others.

Full colour label printing system

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