Label Dispenser

Label dispensers are automated machines designed to simplify the method of removing the label from its backing or linear tape. They’re used generally to dispense the label to an operator who applies manually label to the package. Label dispensers vary in different sizes and feature specific to the label they are going to dispense. They contain a larger packaging line, received a complete package from the previous unit apply the labels and send it to the next automation unit.

  • Automatic Label Dispensers
  • Mechanical Label Dispensers
  • Hand-Held Label Applicators
  • Automated Labelling Solutions


Label dispensers are generally used everywhere, imagine on your every product there is a label. Some popular uses are bulk mailing, shipping, manufacturing, packaging, food, and beverage, fast food, photo labs. They are ideal for short length and barcode labels that will dispense labels and die-cut parts. Automatically removes paper, acetate chemical, vinyl, foil, polyester, and many more from its liner, while automatically rewinding liner scrap for a cleaner working environment. By using these dispensers, you can reduce the cost and increase productivity.

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