Industrial label finishers

Industrial label finishers

Industrial label finisher is a machine nicely designed that allows its users to take printed, continuous label material and cuts it down in custom size according to customer requirements. These finishers finish label rolls by adding a lamination film layer, digitally & precisely cutting the labels, removing the waste matrix, unwinding them, slitting the large label roll into smaller individual rolls (if you have to print various design on one roll width), and rewinding the finished labels. All the task is completed in a single operation. After the labels are applied to the products by dispensers or applicators then comes label finishers.

Digital label finishers actually cut the label into three methods.

  • Knife Cutting
  • Die Cutting
  • Laser Cutting

Die-cutting is the most commonly used and effective cutting technique. Though it cost a little expensive. You need a new die for every shape you want to produce in the label. This is a quick and accurate cutting technique with a little investment in setup.

They are used for the printing of modern QC/flexo station with no tools needed at the change of jobs, spot varnish, and overprinting UV/IR, cold foil lamination, and rotary or semi-rotary versions.

  • Roll-to-roll type of small batch label printer
    Anytron laser die-cut, any-cut Ⅲ is the most compact size among the A3 laser cutting machines. It is post-processing equipment for roll-to-roll type of small batch label printing. You can cut labels using a laser by controlling via desktop PC. In addition, it has functions of laminating, coating, and scrap paper removal which greatly improves productivity. It does not have an limitation on the location of the label, minimizing the loss of media and is cost-free for tooling, saving operating cost. any-cut III works best with digital label printer providing a more efficient and easy label printing system.
  • One stop solution print / overlaminate / laser-cut / rewind
    One stop solution print / overlaminate / laser-cut / rewind Premium quality high speed fully automated laser cutting and label finishing designed for short to medium pre printed nested labels On-demand label and flexible packaging factory. The anytron any-JETII is based on Memjet technology. It utilizes 1600*1600 dpi high-resolution full-color CMYK. The high-speed digital printer connects seamlessly with any-CUTII Laser Die-cutter for direct and continuous communication. Click here to download Any-JET II specification
  • Modular design converting machine for digital printed label
  • Post processing equipment designed for small batches of printed labels
    This laser die-cut is a post processing equipment designed for small batches of printed labels. Controlled by desktop PC labels are cut using laser, making its job faster than knife cutting and reducing the costs as the replacement of knife edges are not necessary. The location of the label is not a limitation when it is cut by laser, so waste of media can be minimised. Anycut can also laminate, coat, slit and remove scrap paper so neat finished rolls are made at the output winder(s).
  • Digital printing die cut label finisher
    Digital Printing Finisher GE DDLF330 (servo semi rotary finisher) is a die cut label finisher produced from Gulmen Engineering. Produce your best pre-cut blank labels or any other label. GE-DDLF330 is a low-cost technology for high quality production. A short web path, this mobile unit can be placed just about anywhere and is extremely quiet when in operation. Technology is designed to suit low skilled operator, easy setup, short web path electronic HMI user friendly system. Click here to watch video demonstration
  • A specialised solution for digital label finishing. Simple, Convenient and and High-efficiency!
    Simple, Convenient, High-efficiency! A specialised solution for digital label finishing.
    • Fast and high precision with full-servo motor.
    • Can be synchronised online with label printer.
    • Lamination, die-cutting, waste removing, slitting.
    • Double cutting head or optional 4 cutting heads - the distance between each head can be automatically adjusted to suit the printed labels across the web.
    • Track sensor (German brand SICK) can track a single eye mark or double eye mark.
    • Intelligent cutting with trajectory optimisation.
  • The new Grafotronic CF2 Compact Digital Finishing is a fully servo driven machine for finishing of digital printed labels. The machine is a compact version of our DCL2Converting Line. The CF2 has a more compact design and smaller foot print but we are using the same high-tech components as on the full version.
  • The new DCL Modular Digital Finishing is a fully modular converting line made for finishing of preprinted labels. The machine, which is fully servo driven, is built with the latest high-tech components available. Each module is designed for maximum performance and to cut downtime to a minimum.


    Unwind module:

    • Intelligent servo unwind unit. Built in measuring system of mother roll and automatic set-up of web tension throughout the machine
    • Servo infeed nip station

    Printing module:

    • Modern QC flexo station with no tools needed at change of jobs
    • Spot varnish and overprinting UV/IR
    • Cold foil lamination
    • Rotary / semi-rotary versions

    Rotary die cutting module:

    • Heavy duty high speed die cutting units
    • Grafotronic Q-LOAD Quick Loading system for magnetic cylinders
    • Slide in / out in seconds
    • In register die cutting 180 m/min [590 ft/min]

    Semi-rotary die cutting module:

    • Latest technology for speeds up to 70 m /min [230 ft/min]
    • Cylinder size of 24″
    • Compensation program for existing flexible dies
    • Q-FLEX Flexible die quick change system

    Inspection module:

    • Module with camera housing, buffer and splice table
    • Waste rewind unit for multiple meters of waste

    Sheeter module:

    • Heavy duty sheeting unit with register system
    • Conveyor table with servo connection
    • QC between roll / roll roll / sheet

    Slitting system:

    • The revolutionary WIFI-SLITTING automatic knife positioning system
    • The System position the full set of shear cut knives within 10 seconds
    • Razors and standard shear knives also available

    Rewind modules:

    • Semi-turret: turret for rolls up to 420 mm [16,5″] in turret mode or 600 mm [24″] on 1 shaft AUTOCUT automatic web cutting and start of new cycle
    • Single & Dual rewind: for label and mono film materials with perfect and automatic tension control For rolls up to 600 mm [24″]

    Rewind shafts:

    • No more keys or tools and multiple screws to turn to be able to change the rewind shafts
    • With the new Q-SHAFT you turn 1 handle 180 degrees
    • Q-SHAFT is quick, easy and hassle free