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Gulmen Digital offers label printing, cutting and finishing machines/solutions for Australian market.

  • The global label market continues to expand by the day with the prospect of further stable growth in the future. The ratio of demand for digital labels is increasing year by year, giving rise to a trend of growing demand for small-lot printing
  • Digital Label Finishing System Laminate, Die-Cut, Strip and Slit in One Pass Easy to set-up and operate Custom shapes and Quick delivery, no die costs, delays or limitations The iTech CENTRA HS can die cut any custom shape on demand Finishing for conventional and digital printers
  • Roll-to-roll type of small batch label printer
    Anytron laser die-cut, any-cut Ⅲ is the most compact size among the A3 laser cutting machines. It is post-processing equipment for roll-to-roll type of small batch label printing. You can cut labels using a laser by controlling via desktop PC. In addition, it has functions of laminating, coating, and scrap paper removal which greatly improves productivity. It does not have an limitation on the location of the label, minimizing the loss of media and is cost-free for tooling, saving operating cost. any-cut III works best with digital label printer providing a more efficient and easy label printing system.
  • One stop solution print / overlaminate / laser-cut / rewind
    One stop solution print / overlaminate / laser-cut / rewind Premium quality high speed fully automated laser cutting and label finishing designed for short to medium pre printed nested labels On-demand label and flexible packaging factory. The anytron any-JETII is based on Memjet technology. It utilizes 1600*1600 dpi high-resolution full-color CMYK. The high-speed digital printer connects seamlessly with any-CUTII Laser Die-cutter for direct and continuous communication. Click here to download Any-JET II specification
  • Digital colour label printer designed to print small batches
    This is an excellent digital colour label printer designed to print small batches, printing up to 5.000 colour labels within 2 hours. An efficient and cost-saving machine that makes printing jobs fast and easy. Its laser engine system performs a 600*1200dpi high resolution to print on continues media only. Operation of Any-002 is simple and easy so no professional technicians are required to print, decreasing the operational costs even more.
  • All in one solution that matrix removal, die-cutting rewinding!
  • The Bottle-Matic II 16" two label bottle labeler lets you easily apply two labels (front & back) to all kinds of round objects by simply inserting the container and depressing a foot-switch. Labels are applied at over 4.5" per second. Applies labels from 0.5" to up to 15" wide. These labelers are perfect for labeling 100-500 products per day. Custom rollers are available to handle odd shaped containers.
  • UV printing is a digital system which consist of UV flatbed printer, UV inks and RIP software to print directly on the product surface and can be use as bottle screen printing. It uses ultra-violet lights which will cure inks immediately once items are printed, so it can print on almost any kind of materials from plastics and glass to wood and metal with a better printing result and finer detail. Additionally, the UV inks are produced environmentally friendly with no smell and the process of UV curing helps increase the resistance to fading.
  • CitroSonic C20 cleaner works as a result of sound waves via electro mechanics (high frequency) supply unit-Pulsating evenly throughout the solution. Transducers mounted on the cleaning tank vibrate at high frequency. Mechanical vibration pulsating sound waves into the solution. The waves travel throughout the solution creating waves of compression and expansion removing the muck from the surface cleaning the component as new. CitroClean (multi -purpose cleaning solution) and Citrosonic cleaner combination is recommended for best C20
  • Digital label printing system
    Colour DLP GD 320C Digital Label Printing system designed upload images easily via network to print on demand suitable for large and small volume high quality printing. It can meet your various printing demands with variable data in short lead time. This digital label printing system is suitable to colour manage images using software RIP to match printed samples easily and other reel to reel printing requirements. Click here to watch video demonstration
  • Colordyne 1600 C can be described as an affordable and high-quality bench top inkjet printer. It is efficient and cost-effective solution useful for a wide range of applications, offering flexible and scalable solutions to reduce costs and eliminate pre-printed label inventories.
  • The 1600 Series S is designed for personalizing and branding back office documents, envelope messaging, and promotional material printing. Now add color to business documents and forms, and create transpromo materials in-house. The 1600 Series S can print at a high resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi and speeds up to 60 feet per minute (18 m/min).
  • On-demand print solution for labels and tags
    The 1800 Series C is the perfect solution to produce the exact quantity of high-resolution process color labels and tags, printing on a premium resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi. It is a versatile and cost-effective on-demand printer with integrated variable data and AIDC applications. It helps to reduce costs and eliminate pre-printed labels inventories. Click here to watch video demonstration
  • Expand your business with an affordable overprinting system The 2600 Series Digital Overprinter is a digital print module (DPM) that easily mounts to mail tables and other conveyor systems for printing on most absorbent surfaces such as uncoated cardboards and papers, or materials intended for aqueous inkjet printing. Add brilliant four-color graphics and variable data to your packaging, shipping and mailing materials all in one pass, at 30 or 60 feet per minute and up to 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution. Please contact us to request colordyne 2600 price
  • Meet production deadlines with greater flexibility and faster speeds through digital short-run printing. Colordyne 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro makes creating personalized and custom labels in today's continuously changing and fast-paced production environment quick and easy. This complete in-line printing platform allows users of all skill levels to create high-quality product labels without the complexities of operating a traditional label press.
  • Enhance the performance and versatility of your existing investment with UV inkjet. 3600 SERIES UV - RETROFIT digital retrofit solutions allow you to turn your new or existing flexo press, web handling and converting systems into state-of-the-art hybrid digital work-centers.
  • Modular design converting machine for digital printed label
  • Compact Digital Printed Label Converting Machine
  • Post processing equipment designed for small batches of printed labels
    This laser die-cut is a post processing equipment designed for small batches of printed labels. Controlled by desktop PC labels are cut using laser, making its job faster than knife cutting and reducing the costs as the replacement of knife edges are not necessary. The location of the label is not a limitation when it is cut by laser, so waste of media can be minimised. Anycut can also laminate, coat, slit and remove scrap paper so neat finished rolls are made at the output winder(s).
  • Digital printing die cut label finisher
    Digital Printing Finisher GE DDLF330 (servo semi rotary finisher) is a die cut label finisher produced from Gulmen Engineering. Produce your best pre-cut blank labels or any other label. GE-DDLF330 is a low-cost technology for high quality production. A short web path, this mobile unit can be placed just about anywhere and is extremely quiet when in operation. Technology is designed to suit low skilled operator, easy setup, short web path electronic HMI user friendly system. Click here to watch video demonstration