Industrial Label Printers

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Gulmen Digital offer wide range of label printers for heavy-duty and high volume printing. Industrial printers have a quick speed, are powerful, and have a various availability choices.

A label printer is a special kind of machine that print labels, tags, bar codes and stickers. Label printers differ from common printers because they are formatted to print on self-adhesive labels, rolled stock, card stock, and tear sheet stock. They come with built-in computers and for connectivity include USB, parallel, Ethernet, RS-232 Serial, and some wireless devices.

Commercial and Industrial label printers for high volume printing

Commercial and Industrial label machine is mainly used for heavy bulk, distribution centres, plazas, and for continuous operation in warehouses. These printers don’t need a computer and come with built-in computers due to this reason they work for heavy-duty operation on location.

Industrial printers are commonly used on electrical installations, construction sites, production floors, 5S and Lean Manufacturing, Arc Flash Labelling, Fire and Emergency Exit Labelling, Pipe Marker Label Printing, Floor Marking Tape, and Industry-Specific Labelling where no computer is required.

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