Industrial label cutters

Industrial label cutter is a machine nicely designed that allows its users to take printed, continuous label material and cuts it down in custom size according to customer requirements. These cutters finish label rolls by adding a lamination film layer, digitally & precisely cutting the labels, removing the waste matrix, unwinding them, slitting the large label roll into smaller individual rolls (if you have to print various design on one roll width), and rewinding the finished labels. All the task is completed in a single operation. After the labels are applied to the products by dispensers or applicators then comes label finishers.

Digital label cutters actually cut the label into three methods.

  • Knife Cutting
  • Die Cutting
  • Laser Cutting

Die-cutting is the most commonly used and effective cutting technique. Though it cost a little expensive. You need a new die for every shape you want to produce in the label. This is a quick and accurate cutting technique with a little investment in setup.

They are used for the printing of modern QC/flexo station with no tools needed at the change of jobs, spot varnish, and overprinting UV/IR, cold foil lamination, and rotary or semi-rotary versions.

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