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Gulmen Digital is a highly committed company specializing in repair services for commercial and industrial digital printing machines. We have been in the industry for over 20 years, and our belief in offering supreme-level services has ensured our clients' satisfaction with our offerings. Our skilled team of technicians uses advanced machinery to detect flaws in commercial and industrial printing machines, utilizing their experience and expertise to provide timely and effective solutions.
By offering these repair services, we help our clients decrease both the running costs and downtime for their businesses. Our dedication to quality repair services for commercial and industrial digital printing machines continues to set us apart and makes us a trusted partner in the field.

Repairs for Industrial Machinery

In the high-paced commercial environment, downtime can be detrimental. Gulmen Digital understands this and offers swift label machine repairs to industrial businesses all over Australia. Our team of seasoned professionals ensures efficient repair service, minimizing delays and getting your large, industrial printing machines back in action.
Trust Gulmen Digital’s expertise to secure your investment and keep your business running smoothly.

Comprehensive Spare Parts Support

Finding the right spare parts for industrial label production machines can be a complex task. Gulmen Digital’s spare parts service is designed to make this process hassle-free for commercial enterprises. We house an extensive inventory of components specifically for large-scale label machines, allowing for rapid repairs and replacement. Rely on our support, and let your industrial operations continue without a hitch.

Tailored Machines Service and Maintenance Agreements

To guarantee the prolonged effectiveness of your industrial printing equipment, consistent service and maintenance are vital. Gulmen Digital offers custom service and maintenance contracts that suit your commercial needs. These agreements are crafted to offer regular check-ups, repairs, and adjustments to your label-making machines, preserving their functionality and prolonging their life. Invest in a contract with Gulmen Digital to ensure optimal performance of your equipment.

Expert Advice for Your Printing Needs

Navigating the world of commercial label production industry can be challenging. At Gulmen Digital, we’re here to provide expert advice on your printing applications, specific to large, commercial-grade machinery. Our profound understanding of industrial repairs and equipment allows us to support and guide you in making the right decisions for your business.
Turn to Gulmen Digital for all the advice and support you need to make your commercial printing endeavors a success.

Commercial Printer Repairs & Services

When you’re dealing with commercial printer repairs, services and digital production machines, look no further than our company. You can count on the knowledge and expertise of our team at Gulmen Digital to tackle a wide variety of technical problems. Whether it’s an industrial label printer that needs servicing or any other printer-related issue, we’ve got your back.

Our technicians are straight-shooters, providing top-notch service without any hidden costs. From repair services to part replacements, assembling, maintenance, and more, we handle all aspects of digital printing and finishing machines and equipment.

label printer repairs
label production machine repairs

Support and Guidance

What really sets Gulmen Digital apart is our well-informed and skilled team of technicians. They know the ins and outs of printing services and offer regular maintenance to keep your printers running smoothly. Plus, if you’re in the market for commercial label production machines, we’ve got a wide selection for your business. With our full support and guidance, we’ll make sure you find the perfect fit.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to provide the reliable and straightforward services you need. Let’s work together to keep your printing operations running at their best!

OKI PRO 1050/1040 Label Printer Repairs & Services

Focusing on OKI PRO 1050 and 1040, our professional team brings precision and expertise to every repair task. These models, known for their robust performance and superior quality output in label printing, sometimes require expert care to maintain peak functionality. Whether it’s routine maintenance or more intricate repairs, we offer comprehensive solutions to minimize downtime and enhance the longevity of these printers. Our services reflect a deep understanding of the complex mechanics and technology that power these devices, ensuring that each repair not only fixes but also optimizes the printer’s operational capabilities.

Oki Pro 1050 label Printer


In the demanding field of industrial label production, maintaining the optimal performance of your machines is crucial. Gulmen Digital is committed to providing top-notch service to meet your commercial needs. Whether it's routine maintenance or urgent repairs, our team of skilled professionals is ready to assist.
By choosing Gulmen Digital's specialized service, you are ensuring that your large-scale label machines receive the care they need to continue to function effectively in your commercial environment.


When your industrial label machine faces downtime, quick and effective repairs are essential. Gulmen Digital has an outstanding reputation for providing prompt label machine repairs that meet the demands of industrial applications. With an understanding of the unique complexities of commercial machinery, our repair team ensures that your equipment is restored to optimal condition in the shortest possible time.
Trust in Gulmen Digital's expertise to deliver quality repairs, preserving your investment and supporting your business operations.


Support is more than just a response to an issue; it's about prevention, guidance, and continuous assistance. At Gulmen Digital, we provide comprehensive support for industrial label-making machines tailored to your commercial requirements. Our professionals offer advice, routine check-ups, and 24/7 assistance, aiming to prevent problems before they occur and ensuring the smooth operation of your equipment.
With Gulmen Digital's dedicated support, you can focus on what matters most – your business – while we take care of your label machine's needs.


Whether it's routine maintenance or an unexpected breakdown, Gulmen Digital is here to provide comprehensive support for your industrial label-making machines.
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