Labels printing for detergent products

Labels printing for detergent products

Labels for household chemicals and other detergents only in their field of application put forward some design requirements. In addition, labels have an advertising nature, which means it must have a rich color and a wide ability to implement design solutions. Based on these considerations, self-adhesive labels and stickers are most often used for such purposes, since they are the ones that differ:

  • Brightness
  • Indelibility
  • Wear resistance
  • Variety of models

Household chemical labels: why self-adhesive?

A special feature of the labels made using the technology of self-adhesive stickers is their durability and practicality. Shampoo or any item of household chemicals is exposed to moisture, different temperatures and other negative factors, so the main thing that such a label should have is stability. The so-called “self-adhesives” completely cope with this task. In addition, it is this type of label that allows you to realize the full range of colors for the branding or other decorative elements.

Features of labels for detergents and hygiene products

Of course, the main feature that distinguishes this type of label from any other is the design. A shower gel, shampoo or liquid soap sticker is a way to stand out your product from other competitors. This approach makes it easier for potential customers to remember products and actively buy them. A product sale stimulating is just one aspect of such a sticker.
There are others, including compliance with legal requirements. According to law, the label of any chemical product must contain complete information about the product: method of application, composition, storage conditions, etc. Of course, the amount of information posted is limited by the scale of the bottle or product packaging, so manufacturers often turn to the use of additional booklet labels, where they fully disclose information about the product, as well as introduce reviews to other products of their company.

Detergent & Household Labels: Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is the best approach found today in the production of labels that need to be stored in unstable and harsh conditions. The advantage of this type of printing is the color saturation of the painting materials, the absence of odors and the need to dry the paints after application. Labels for shampoos, household chemicals and soaps are made from either non-absorbent or low-absorbency materials. This type of surface is optimal for flexographic printing.

High-quality label printing and additional effects when creating self-adhesive labels allow you to create a unique product image and contribute to the successful promotion of the product on the market.

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