Labelexpo is the largest event in the field of labels, product decoration, web printing and converting with availability of labeling equipment, label products and accessories, labeling services, labeling tools and equipment, printing packaging equipment and tools, parts and components, technology and solutions for printing on packaging and related products and services. It is the leading exhibition where all the world’s leading companies showcase their state-of-the-art machines and technologies and which aims to promote products and new product launches, thereby introducing new product categories to visitors in recent years.

Exhibition highlights

The flexible packaging material will for the first time showcase recyclable product installations. The market should show a competitive trend in the production of packaging material.

The fair is running a special programme to showcase the very best in label design. Advertising agencies, designers and manufacturers present new label printing and decoration technologies.

A great deal of attention is paid to industry inventions, products and technologies that meet contemporary standards and meet market demands.

With specialists from leading companies in the label industry, the exhibition addresses important technical issues in packaging. The organisers offer a range of advanced programmes, workshops and seminars.

Pre-press solutions and automation

Labelexpo shows an active interest in label production automation, especially in the field of prepress solutions. The products on display meet the updated technological requirements, as does the equipment, into which the manufacturers tried to incorporate as many automation elements as possible.

Software for labels and packaging

The exhibition presents solutions for stanzas, which aim to manage the entire production chain of the label or packaging manufacturing process. From layout to distribution. The main objective of the new software is to speed up the work cycle, enable content exchange and standardise processes.

The main areas of optimisation are: digital file management, digital colour proofing, 3D tools, applications for smartphones, tablets and adaptive cloud-based rip software solutions, and planning tools.

New digital and hybrid machines

As in the previous category, manufacturers in the digital and hybrid machine group are focusing on automation of the production process. A lot of attention is paid to innovations that aim to increase the continuous workflow while maintaining quality.

The Labelexpo trade show includes many representatives from the label industry. One of the most interesting manufacturers in the offset category is also taking part.

In addition to the main printing equipment, Labelexpo offers the opportunity to showcase technological innovations also to manufacturers of auxiliary tools. The latest developments in the automatic quality control industry will be on show.


In addition to the leading manufacturers, many newcomers are often represented at the fair. The big trends at the international label exhibition are total automation and an increasing technology standard to cope with the market changes. The general situation shows the desire of the niche representatives to increase productivity while reducing the cost of providing it in all areas of printing, including labelling and post-printing work. That is, in addition to automation, the topics of improving continuous working time and the use of more fully or partially recyclable materials were touched upon.

If you are interested in current trends in the label industry, you can visit the exhibition at your regional location.
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