mportance of digital printing and custom labels

Importance of digital printing and custom labels

In the modern-day, product appeal is considered the most important thing if you are looking to promote the product and increase the sales level. If you’re manufacturing a similar product in a factory, one thing you need to be sure of is that all of them look the same. This means there should be no ink-bleeds, off-center printing, or any other sort of error that can affect your product. If everything is not in place, it can create an odd effect on your finished product.

Using a digital method for your Label Printing can be the best and the most reliable practice you could adopt to maintain an overall look and appeal of your product. It is the most effective way of making good looking products at a fairly rapid pace.


When it comes to using Digital methods in particular for Label printing there are many advantages that can urge an individual to opt for this type of printing:

Full Color:

Various designs are possible with full color and gradation print without having any limitation on colors. This would allow the creating of several patterns, depending on individual needs or creativeness.

Color matching time significantly reduced:

Unlike Analog printing, Digital allows you to create the same first and last piece. Color matching becomes relatively easy and quicker allowing production to start right away based on the sample design.

Quick Delivery:

The delivery of the Labels would be very fast without disrupting the fast pace of production and processing.

Small Volume Production:

Whether you want to print labels for your large scale or small scale production, variable printing and custom-made production are possible at all scales. Because it is so fast and simple, it can be ideal for prototyping, small batches, or seasonal batches.

High added value:

The final glossy finish and the embossed effect would add extra value to your product making them attractive and appealing for the people to at-least try it.

Precise Finishing:

Because the colors are being applied at the same time, there is little to no chance of any errors occurring regarding the colors and the alignment of the text or overall design.

Custom Labels

Despite the economic downturn, companies know that their product’s shelf appeal rests largely on the custom labels. Over the years Label Printing Melbourne has seen how much of an effect the overall condition of the economy has on our customers’ label and printing decisions. With the looming threat of weak economic factors, we’ve helped most of our customers to lower the label costs while maintaining the overall quality of the end product. The cost can be lowered in several ways, but there are some specific cost-effective tips that our customers have implemented and have been satisfied with the result is produced. So before you decide on cutting the budget from another department onto this, consider some of these tips to reduce your label expenses.

Label Size:

Reduction in the overall size of the label would lower the amount of money spent on a single label. Additionally, less number of rolls will be required leading to less labor force, saving you hefty costs.

Order more:

If you’re looking for a long-term contract and need to print a large number of labels per product, then try to go for ordering more in a single go. That would reduce the unit cost that could accumulate a lot of savings.

Digital Printing:

If your requirement is of 8-10 thousand labels then Digital Printing is the way to go as this type of label printing is simple and cost-effective. Being less labor-intensive a lot of money can be saved using this.

Blanket Orders:

When a customer and manufacturer agree on a long-term contract with set prices for a fixed period of time that is called Blanket Order. Because the manufacturer can now produce large quantities and ship from stock, the overall cost per label would be reduced helping you save a lot of money.

Gauge Material:

Low gauge material like the film is more cost-efficient than other materials because of the thin liner allowing more of it to be wrapped in a single roll. This would allow the company to reduce application time as the roll does not need to be changed again and again.

We here at Gulmen Digital will give you full ease of choosing your custom design, production type, and the number of pieces you would require. Our latest technology makes printing barcodes, consecutive numbers, and multiple designs a much easier and faster process. All of your labels can be ready to be shipped in one business day from the time the sample label artwork is received and approved. The high-quality label printing machines will give the best output if you have small and hard to read text on your label, making them crisp and easier to read.