how to open label printing shop

How to open label printing shop

There is quite a lot of uncertainty on the label market at the moment: shortages of self-adhesive label materials, cardboard and inks, and rising shipping prices. With all that, the demand for labels is not decreasing, because despite the crises, the consumer market is the most stable and fastest growing, and the widespread introduction of labeling creates additional demand. If you are thinking about opening your own business and have the resources to do so, now is the perfect time to open a print shop.

How to start label printing business

Starting a label printing business is a promising venture. It all begins with a detailed business plan outlining your business model, target market, competitive analysis, operational strategy, and marketing plans.

Conduct an extensive market research to understand the needs and preferences of industries that require label printing. A niche market can provide a more targeted approach and lower competition.

Select the type of label printing technology you’ll adopt based on your target market’s needs. Your equipment procurement, including label printers, label materials, and related software, should align with this decision.

Legalize your business by obtaining necessary permits and licenses. Also, secure business insurance to protect against risks and liabilities.

Organize a production area adhering to health and safety regulations, and that promotes workflow efficiency.

Create a strong brand identity with a well-designed logo, business cards, and a professional website. Market your services using both digital and traditional channels.

Define a competitive pricing strategy that covers your costs and ensures a reasonable profit.

Finally, exceptional customer service, offering personalized solutions, timely delivery, and responsive support, can distinguish your business in the market.


To begin with, it is worth deciding what kind of labels you want to associate your operation, more precisely for what and by whom they will be used. From this will depend, above all, the set of machines, and as a consequence, the size of the area occupied, the number of staff, costs and, of course, profits. If your budget is between 20 and 50 thousand dollars, then you have a great option: to organize a small print shop for the production (die-cutting) of blank labels on a roll. There is also a second option if your budget from 50 thousand dollars and more: you can create a very well equipped printing shop with ample opportunities for printing complex labels from various materials for a wide variety of products such as cosmetics, alcohol, food, where you often need the ability to print in several runs. In this article we will describe in detail the first option of opening a label printing shop.

What will it take to implement?

This business does not require excessive investments. The main point in preparing for the launch is the selection and purchase of machinery. First of all, the label printer. The quality of labels directly depends on their functionality. Provide functions not only for printing, but also for cutting. To avoid complicated situations related to equipment breakdowns, it is better to have two different cutters. However, you can start with one. For consistent print quality, purchase a continuous ink supply kit for your printer and pigments. For image processing, model making, and label printing, you need a personal computer or laptop: powerful enough to keep the graphic editors and RIP software you need to purchase and install up and running. Since labels are images, as a general rule, of varying size, it is difficult to find templates of the desired shape in the free resources. So check the databases of stock photo banks and download the digital materials for your work. In addition to dyes, label print consumables include special lamination films. They should have greater resistance, which allows them to withstand various climatic conditions without peeling or losing their appearance. Solvents, degreasers and adhesive remover will also be helpful.

Requirements for workspace are minimal. You can use any spare room or shed. A table, a chair and shelves to store materials and products is all the furniture you need. A reminder to the aspiring businessman: Despite the small requirements for equipment, to produce stickers is more complicated than printing documents on a printer. You need the knowledge and skills to process images and then apply them to the surfaces of various products.

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