How to choose the right label printer

A variety of label printers are available in the market by different manufacturers. So sometimes it can be difficult to find out a perfect label printer for your business. But things can be easier if you know your needs accurately. Here we are going to guide you regarding picking up a perfect label printer

Determine your business needs

Finding out the needs of your business is the key factor to find out a perfect label printer. Over or underestimating your business needs can lead to buying a printer that cannot fulfill your demands and will also drain resources. So before you buy a printer here are some things that you need to consider first:

  • Is the label printer your current requirement or you need it for a long period?
  • How often do you need labels printing?
  • How may printed labels do you need at a time?
  • Do you want high-speed label printing or no?
  • So you want a quality printer?
  • Labels of which size do you need?
  • Do you want a portable label printer for business?

Determining exact business requirements along considering your budget can help you in choosing the right printer label model between different models and manufacturers.

Mechanisms of label printing

Before considering any kind of label printer you need to know the two mechanisms following which any printer will work.

Thermal printing

In this kind of technology, heat is used in a controlled way to make a permanent image on the paper. It is done in two different ways. One is direct thermal printing in which a black and white image is obtained. And other is thermal transfer printing in which colored images can be produced via the use of heat.

Inkjet printing

It involves the use of special ink, and every droplet is pushed out of nozzle via a special plate powered by an electric source. This technique is fast, cheap, and much more efficient.

Kinds of label printers

Now we are fully aware of printing techniques, let’s have a look on broad categories of label printers and then you can decide what is good for you:

Desktop or handheld label printers

Desktop label printers are portable solutions for your business and the best choice for warehouse and office use. Its size may be compact but these printers can do heavy-duty work with efficiency.

Commercial label printers

Commercial label printers are designed to do even more heavy-duty work and are best for manufacturing plants and factory floors. Top-quality custom labels are offered by these printers and your company can fulfil its labelling requirements without reducing quality and speed.

Industrial label printers

For printing operations on a large scale, industrial label printers are best. With these industrial level label printers your company can produce standard-sized labels and you can also print labels for wall posters, vehicle wrapping, or billboards.


Label printers of different types are available in the market, but you need to consider your needs first and then you can buy a perfect device for your company.