How to choose a thermal label material

How to choose a thermal label material

As a consumable, the label material for a thermal printer can have a significant impact on the life of the print head. It determines how durable the graphic image will be. Choosing the right thermal label material reduces the cost of operating your printer. Bright, informative labels catch the customer’s eye and encourage them to buy.

What to pay attention to when choosing a material for labels

Modern industry produces consumables for all existing types of printing devices, taking into account the conditions of storage or operation of goods. In a wide range of thermal industrial label materials for the printer on, which differ in type, size and material of manufacture.

Choosing the material, you should always consider its characteristics and pay attention to quality. Let us consider these criteria in detail.

Type of material and shelf life

In supermarkets and warehouses thermal labels of two types are the most demanded: Thermo Eco and Thermo Top.

The image on Thermo Eco lasts for two months, assuming that the humidity and temperature remain constant during this time. Due to its low price, it is the ideal label printer material for labelling products with a short shelf life.

By coating with a protective film, Thermo Top is resistant to high humidity, low temperatures, UV radiation and other negative environmental factors. The image printed on it lasts for 6 months or more. This is the best option for labeling food products that are stored for a long time in refrigerators and freezers. If the goods are stored in rooms with high humidity and temperature fluctuations.

What is the label material for the printer?

What material for the label printer is better: paper or polypropylene? It all depends on the type of products being labeled, storage and transportation conditions. We have polypropylene materials that can withstand serious exposure to the environment. They are used for marking products, materials, goods that are stored in the open air.

We also have paper labels for sale. They are not as durable and have a lower price. Products made of paper are mostly used for labeling products displayed in the salesroom.

Self-adhesive paper for industrial or commercial label printers can be matte, glossy and semi-glossy. It is used for printing on thermal transfer printers. The design and color of the label information applied to such a label lasts more than a year. Products are in demand in logistics, pharmaceuticals, construction industry.

Quality is an important factor

Manufacturers of printer’s labels control the quality to prevent deformations and tears, but a lot depends on storage conditions. For example, if the thermal label material has been stored in high humidity, it may become wavy. When you buy it, check the shelf life. If the product is overdue, print quality may suffer. In this case, the applied information will be unreadable.

We guarantee that the products we sell meet the established standards.