How the label liner affects quality and performance

How the label liner affects quality and performance

The liner is applied to the adhesive layer and holds it until the label is ready for use. All liners conform to strict specifications and are used with the appropriate adhesive to ensure optimum performance.

Features and benefits of filmic liners

Film liners are highly durable and are typically used for high speed or complex packaging lines. Because of its smooth texture, filmic liners are ideal for clear labels, as they provide an even distribution of the adhesive prior to dispensing. This ensures that the label is completely transparent and has a consistently excellent appearance on the packaging.

Features and benefits of paper liners

Paper liners retain their strength under stress and provide trouble-free labelling on high-speed packaging lines. Manufactured from renewable raw materials, they make recycling easy in most cases. Our paper liners offer a simple and efficient application process using common die-cutting equipment.

Why choose thinner liners

Thinner substrates help brands and companies achieve their business goals by reducing raw materials, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Find out some of the key benefits of thinner and lighter film and paper substrates below.

Increased efficiency through fewer roll changes

Thinner film and paper substrates, such as polyester, paper and glassine liners, allow for more labels per roll and less frequent roll changes, extending production run times and improving efficiency. Label makers can also switch to larger reel diameters, which gives an additional increase in productivity. We can supply rolls in pre-arranged lengths and widths. Contact our experts to find out more. 

If you are looking for ways to improve efficiency and production volume, look to Polypropylene or Polyethylene liners, the strongest and thinnest film liner available. High-strength polyester allows you to reduce the thickness of the substrate compared to traditional glassine substrates. The polyester enables high speed application even in humid conditions and avoids production stoppages due to web breaking.

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