Giveaway Stickers

Stickers have been used to promote and marketing initiatives for countless years. Not only do they last for years, but they’re very low cost when comparing them to other advertising tactics. They are long lasting if they are made from finest paper. Here are some ways that stickers can be used to grow your business and attract new customers:

Product Launches

Do you have something or product developing that you want to promote? Printing it on a custom sticker is a great way to raise awareness and get people talking about your new addition. For example, if a footwear is experienced by a footwear company coming out, they could print a die-cut single of what the new shoe looks like, to build hype and generate enjoyment. When it comes time for your item to launch, you will have people interested in purchasing it already! If you have a fresh landing website or web page for the product, it’s also a great idea to printing that on the sticker to get some traffic to your page, and help with your SEO.

Street Giveaways

giveaway stickersStreet advertising is an excellent way to get people who may not be aware of your brand more familiar with who you are and what you do. From a lead generation standpoint, this is an excellent tactic to grow your brand and expand your viewers. Whether you’re offering stickers of your logo, or a great image with subtle branding, folks are sure to love the essential idea of a free sticker they can put anywhere. Who has learned the fun locations they shall end up!

Bumper Stickers

bumper sticker

Printing a great slogan or phrase together with your logo upon a bumper sticker is a great way to gain a huge amount of visibility around your brand and is a great method to gain a large amount of presence around your organization and brand. Bumper stickers end up on cars for 5+ years often, and get a large amount of impressions by other pedestrians and drivers. Printing a fun series like “I brake for tailgaters”” or “My driving scares me too!” is giving people motivation up about putting your top quality stickers on the car, and will make sure your item gets put to great use. Everybody loves a good joke!

Business Cards

Have you got a business card that you handout to customers or potential leads frequently? Make it sticky! Printing your business cards as a sticker allows it to be trapped to any surface (like a fridge, desk, or notebook), making it much more noticeable and less forgotten often. Everybody knows what ends up happening with paper business cards we receive, they finish up lost in our pockets or sit among a sea of other paper cards forever. Set yourself in addition to the rest and create an ongoing business card which can be interactive plus much more memorable! Also if you’re interested in getting quality print machines you can check our offers here.General, the uses for stickers in the advertising globe are endless. If you’re short on tips, don’t hesitate to speak to us!

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