duraflex printing technology

DuraFlex Printing Technology

In the world of digital printing technology, the total yield, quality, and speed are the most necessary components to run an efficient business. There’s a lot of competition out there in this digital world in every field. You have to make extraordinary efforts to scale up your work among other competitors. For this, you have to develop new and better technologies than the previous ones. Your main focus should be on the affordability and quality of the print.

Memjet introduced its latest and exceptional printing technology that’s named DuraFlex in 2019. This technology has both the speed as well as the quantity in one mini package that’s also pretty affordable. With the availability of this new printing tech, the OEMs have now gotten all the required means and sources to develop quite budget-friendly mini-and benchtop entry-level presses.

Attributes of DuraFlex

DuraFlex has gotten all the necessary features like increased robustness, powerful modules to control all printhead functions, A4 and A3+ widths consisting of quarter-colored printhead along with a high-speed data path. All of these qualities of Memjet technology have been developed due to a single-press print solution modular. The required tempo, coherence, and competitiveness of Memjet technology are achieved only due to the DuraFlex. This module combines all the new features of the Memjet to achieve simplicity, economical rate, and the required speed. At a print speed of up to 30ips/46m/min, DuraFlex can efficiently produce best seller printing quality. This can only be possible by using built-in nozzle redundancy together with 1600 x 1600dpi.

How to Get Higher-Yield?

With the help of DuraFlex’s, OEM can beneficially spread their already available product lines by using fast and high-quality solutions. OEM can also harmlessly move to inkjet. DuraFlex has a very long printhead life. Thus, it can result in increased profit and higher yield by reducing the intervention rates. Every label printing market flourishes and drives due to the latest digital printing trends and technologies. Therefore, to keep tempo with these innovative trends, DuraFlex plays a vital role. It also provides the OEM partners simple product integration in addition to the respective resilience.

Using the DuraFlex, a wide range of printers can be powered to create higher-yield and highly customized labels at very budget-friendly rates. The OEMs can perform this task quite efficiently with the help of the new technology. The first and foremost goal of the development of this DuraFlex printing technology is to provide the OEMs with the most economical yet powerful and speedy printing solutions. The creation of a robust printing solution is only possible with the help of an effortless yet powerful technology that is DuraFlex technology.

Improved Production and Developmental Cost
Due to the compact and flexible design of the DuraFlex printer, it’s also possible to create a wide-format printing and packaging application accompanied by light production. Most of the time, it gets pretty challenging to have OEMs products on the market at the required time. The reason for this is the slow production, longer time, and expensive cost. But now, this problem has also been solved just because of the DuraFlex. Its flexible design and compact architecture decrease the time as well as developmental costs, just like Memjet.

Efficiency of Inkjet Label Printers

For large-scale commercial and product packaging solutions, DuraFlex has enhanced the working and efficiency of inkjet label printers by using special types of water-pigmented inks. These inks are water-resistant, lightfast, and scratch-resistant. DuraFlex also increases the speed and volume of the inkjet printing. For indirect food contact applications, these types of DuraFlex inks are specially developed. For a wide range of inkjet-treated, porous, inkjet-coated media and uncoated offset, the DuraFlex inks are highly compatible. The OEM partners can hence successfully use the highly compatible ink sets of DuraFlex in various printing applications, wide-format graphics, and packaging solutions. This will also not compromise on the speed, time, and quality of the products. Innovation of the latest and fast technologies has increased the business opportunities for manufacturers, commercial printers, and brands out there in the market.

Features of DuraFlex and OEMs

The combination of both DuraFlex and OEMs features can create remarkable digital printing solutions to make a renowned name among the other competitors in the market. You can only come into the spotlight when your work shows individuality and uniqueness. Packaging can only become attractive when the label printing is up to the mark. Now, due to the wonderful invention of DuraFlex technology, the Memjet can profitably power any kind of digital printing application or packaging solutions out there in the market.