Digital Printing VS Offset Printing

Digital Printing VS Offset Printing

Printing can be of different types and two very common types are offset printing and digital printing. But what is the difference between these two types and does it really matter? So let’s have a look at both of them and then you can choose the right one for your project.

Offset Printing and its advantages

Offset printing utilizes aluminum plates, which are used for transferring images on rubber called blanket, and then this image is rolled onto the paper sheet. It is named offset because the ink is not directly transferred on paper. When large quantities are required, it is the best choice as it runs smoothly and efficiently. It gives professional clean and crisp liking printing.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of Offset Printing:

  • It is a cost-effective way to print large quantities.
  • The cost per print will be cheaper if you print more.
  • It is a flexible type of printing that can utilize a variety of paper types and you can use custom finishes.
  • It comes up with special custom inks like Pantone and metallic colors.
  • You get high-quality printing with extra color fidelity and detail.

Digital printing and its advantages

Digital printing uses large printers or toners that require liquid ink. When low quantities are required, digital printing is the best for example for 30 greeting cards. It comes up with variable data capability when every piece requires a specific address, number, name or code, digital printing is best. Although offset printing provides extra quality if a firm needs not more than 500 pieces digital printing is the best option.

Digital printing benefits

  • For short runs, it comes up with lower setup costs.
  • can print whenever you need and the quantity you need.
  • You can print minimum quantities as low as 1, 10, or 40 pieces.
  • Black and white digital printing is inexpensive.
  • It has a high capability of variable data.
  • Now more users are accepting digital quality because of improved technology.

What is the best choice?

Both digital and offset printing comes up with useful methods. Depending on your requirement, both of them come up with particular benefits. If you need to print thousands of pieces with Pantone color, Offset printing is the best option you can try. This process also allows you to try different types of papers and fluorescent or metallic inks.

But if you do need much, like you need less than 100 or 50 pieces to print, digital printing is best. Moreover, if you want to print every piece uniquely digital printing is the best option.
The best thing is whatever the requirements of your business are; you can fulfill them with any of the above options and can enjoy high quality printed products. This will not only have a good impact on your business but also your clients. your reputation will be improved in the market. Just keep your project needs in mind and then go for the right option.