block out labeling

Block out label printing

Are you looking for a printer that can add a new colour dimension to printed labels? Do you want a solution for complex print jobs on a wide range of media? Did you just say yes? OKI Pro 1050 five colour label printer is a versatile and professional label printer that assists businesses to develop professional and unique labels by offering high-quality label printing with the bonus of printing in white.
It is the first LED printer that is specifically designed for label printing.

These days, there is significant growth in rebranding labels onto products. For example, the solution around pre-printed bottles requires block out labelling. Most digital printing methods especially a desktop printer is limited with (CMYK) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black options. Printing with a 4 colour process on standard material will not block out pre-printed images or text. There is high demand for a label printer that not only comes with 5 colour options but can also print high quality low-cost short-run labels on demand with wide media flexibility the OKI Pro 1050 five colour label printer does it all! The white toner provides the option to be used as a background on metallic media or glass and more. This makes the labels ideal for promotional and security purposes. You can also add a new dimension to your labels by producing labels with coloured backgrounds and white typeface. This unique fifth colour option, takes creativity to a new level.

OKI Pro 1050 CMYK plus white label printer – a true breakthrough in the label printing industry!


The OKI Pro 1050 five colour label printer provides long-lasting performance and the ability to print on a wide range of label media. It uses dry toner technology combined with digital LED to provide unique benefits for printing labels that are exposed to outdoor conditions, resistant to UV radiations and temperature and waterproof tested to check their survival in water.

One of the most important features present in OKI Pro 1050, as compared to OKI Pro 1040 (CMYK) is its unique 5 colour option or CMYK+White, adding flexibility into the designs of your labels. It prints eye-catching labels on a multitude of different media fast, reducing time and budget and has the capability to print any quantity of labels, from one to thousands.

Where Can OKI Pro 1050 Be Used?

The OKI Pro 1050 is commercial label printer can be used in a variety of industries such as food and beverage, chemical, cosmetic, horticulture and electronic products.

Do you want to make your labels stand out from the crowd? Make your business grow in new markets by using the OKI Pro 1050 five colour label printer that can create thousands of labels at a time with unique designs!

Key Features of the OKI Pro 1050 five Colour Label Printer

  • Easy usability requiring minimal training
  • Printed labels resistant to chemical, UV or water
  • CMYK plus white – more flexibility in label design
  • High resolution LED printing with dry toner technology
  • Comes with unrivaled media handling capability! It can handle a wide range of materials such as paper, matt, foil, transparent labels, textured paper, synthetic film and much more
  • Eco friendly
  • The maximum printing speed is 152.4 mm/s