best color label printing machine for small business

Best Color Label Printing Machine for Small Businesses

Finding the best labels printer for small business is not an easy choice to be taken lightly so how do you make sure that you choose the right one? Well, here are a list of some of the best label printers for your small business.

  1. OKI PRO 1050
  2. VIPColor VP750
  3. Primera LX 600
  4. OKI PRO 330S
  5. ZINK
  6. Primera LX 2000
  7. Primera lx 910
  8. Brother HLL 2395 DW
  9. OKI PRO 9542dn

1. OKI PRO 1050

Industrial label printers OKI
The first one on our list is the OKI PRO 1050 label printer.
Now this one uses digital LED technology combined with a dry toner & it even offers a unique 5 colours – CMYK plus white. This allows for you to be able to do more with your printing machine as you strive to get all of your work done. It also gives you some options such as the ability to print from wherever you are in the house as well as media handling that is versatile. In addition to all of this, you will find that this type of printer is resistant to any water or chemicals in the vicinity as well as UV lights. So this will ensure that you can have a drink while printing without having to worry about it getting messed up. And this beautiful machine can be all yours for the low price.

The OKI PRO 1050 printer is renowned for its exceptional print quality, largely due to consumables, which include toner cartridges, transfer belts, and fuser units. The toner cartridges are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Oki Pro 1050, providing rich, vibrant colors and deep blacks for a wide range of printing applications. The transfer belt plays a crucial role in ensuring the accurate transfer of toner to paper, contributing to the printer’s high-resolution outputs. Additionally, the fuser unit effectively bonds the toner to the paper, ensuring durable and smudge-free prints.

2. VIPColor VP750

VP750 label printer
The VP750 from VIPColor is a top-tier industrial color label printer that merges reliable performance with enhanced water-resistant printing technology, making it a fantastic choice for small businesses aiming to produce their own high-quality, durable labels. It boasts swift printing speeds up to 12 inches per second, allowing the production of over 2,000 labels in just ten minutes. This printer supports on-demand printing from one to 10,000 labels, offering remarkable flexibility for any job size. With a high resolution of up to 1,600 x 1,600 dpi, it ensures crisp text and barcodes, and vivid colors for prime labels, perfect for businesses requiring professional-grade labels for their products.

The VP750 is designed to withstand demanding environments, featuring a rugged build with a metal enclosure to protect against dust, particularly suitable for operations on a factory floor. It also reduces operational costs with individual 250 ml ink tanks and supports a wide range of label sizes up to 8.5 inches wide. The printer is well-suited for applications where orders are dynamic or seasonal, where variable data like date codes and QR codes are necessary, and it can handle multi-variant labels for international distribution without concern for minimum order quantities​​.

For small businesses that require efficient, flexible, and cost-effective label printing capabilities, the VP750 represents an ideal solution, capable of meeting diverse labeling needs while ensuring a quick return on investment.

3. Primera LX 600

Primera LX600 Color Inkjet Label Printer
Up next on the list is the LX 600. Some of the things you should know are that it comes in a compact & portable design which makes it one of the easier printers in the world to use. It is even able to connect to your wi fi so you can print from pretty much anywhere so long as your are still on that same network. You could also do it from one of your smart phones or tablets if you are lucky enough to own one of those smart devices. It also lets you have your labels be stylish & full of color so that you can try & make your boss look good to his superiors.

4. OKI PRO 330S

oki pro 330s
The compact and fast OKI PRO 330S printing machine is most suitable for retail applications as it is suitable for printing in POS and POI applications. The OKI PRO 330S is a high-quality desktop monochrome thermal printer for printing high-quality stickers and labels. Discount coupons, coupons, price tags, promotional labels, staff ID tags – everything that is needed at the point of sale will be more attractive.

  • No ink required, using cheaper dry toner. No special coated materials are required as with inkjet printing
  • The printing process in the LED printer resembles that of a laser printing machine where the toner is applied to the label stock via a heating unit. Digital LED technology offers high-resolution printing with full surface coverage. The printheads are not movable, which greatly increases reliability. LED technology makes the printer compact, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  • The tri-colour CMY toner cartridge is replaced in seconds, saving valuable time
  • Ethernet and WLAN connectivity enables remote printing without limiting the number of clients on the network.
  • Label design and production software is included in the printer’s basic package.


Fourth on the list is known as the ZINK photo & labels wireless printer. Like the ones before it, this one has wifi & is portable but one thing that sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it has an app accessory & this lets you print directly from any type of device that lets you use the app. All you have to do is download the app & you will immediately be able to print right from there. It is the perfect fit for those who want to stay organized in both their work lives & their home lives.

6. Primera LX 2000

Primera LX2000 Color Label Printing machine
The fifth printing machine on this list is known as the new primera LX 2000 color label printer. This is what’s known as a compact unit & is often used by small businesses but that does not mean it cannot be used by others as well. It is for those who need to work quickly & efficiently at a decent price. You can also use it to make your own custom labels which is what makes it perfect for those who like to design their own layouts. It also lets your print out up to 5000 labels in just one day & this is why it is perfect for your small company.

7. Primera lx 910

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer
The next printer on the list is known as the primera lx 910 color label printer. This is one of the newest models there is & it is a high quality printer with just a single cartridge. This includes the pigment & dye & it can print a width of up to 8.25. It also goes really fast at more than 4.5 inches per seconds. The ninth printer on our list is called the MUNBYN USB label printer. Now this one is able to print in high-res color & is able to do this through the use of high tech inkjet technology. It is also capable of encoding & verifying each label before it goes on to distribute them one by one. All you have to do is aim it at one of the labels you have & from there, you will be able to tag it for shipping or filing as the case may be.

8. Brother Hll 2395 DW

 Brother HLL2395DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer
The seventh one is called the brother hll 2395 DW compact monochrome laser printer. This one is a bit bigger than all the others on our list but is perfect for printing anywhere whether it be for home use or out in the office copy room. This high tech machine is able to hold more than 250 sheets in its printer tray and has an automatic duplex. This will help you to save more paper in the long run. You can also use the save mode to ensure that you preserve toner when you’re printing out documents that are not as big of a deal as others. The last is the DYMO label printer. It can create labels from Microsoft word as well as excel & outlook.

9. OKI PRO9542dn

OKI Pro9542dn
Introducing the OKI PRO 9542dn printer, the ultimate printing solution tailored for small businesses looking to make a big impact. Engineered to deliver high-quality, vibrant color prints alongside sharp, precise monochrome documents, this powerhouse printer sets the gold standard for versatility and efficiency. With its exceptional print resolution and advanced color technology, the OKI PRO 9542dn ensures your business materials—be it brochures, proposals, or banners—stand out with professional-grade clarity and brilliance.

Designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance, it fits seamlessly into any small business setting, maximizing productivity without the need for specialized support. Its robust construction and reliable performance reduce downtime, while the cost-effective toner and energy-efficient operation keep operating costs low, offering an impressive return on investment. The OKI PRO 9542dn isn’t just a printer; it’s a partner that grows with your business, empowering you to present your brand in the best light and capture the attention of your audience. Embrace the power of professional printing with the OKI PRO9542dn and watch your business soar.

Final words

The ideal color label printers for small businesses are those that balance quality with cost-efficiency. Desktop inkjet label printers are distinguished by their ability to produce high-quality labels for small to medium-duty work, with dye-based inks offering vibrant colors and pigment-based inks providing smudge resistance and fade prevention. For heavy-duty, high-volume tasks, industrial label printers deliver quick speeds and robust performance without needing an external computer, suitable for continuous operation in challenging environments. Additionally, roll-to-roll digital inkjet printers provide unparalleled performance and flexibility, making them excellent for enhancing label production capabilities across various business sizes. Small businesses can thus find a suitable label printing solution that aligns with their operational requirements and budget constraints​​.