Gulmen Digital Quantum Label Printer

Australian made new industrial label printer with DuraFlex technology

Gulmen Digital is proud to designing and developing a new “Quantum” inkjet label printing and packaging machine in Australia for Australian market. All engineering and assembling works is handling by our highly professional inhouse specialists.

One of the most interesting things to note about the developing Gulmen Digital Quantum is that it is going to use the DuraBolt technology of Memjet. Duarflex technology offers the opportunity to receive impressive functionality. This is complemented by affordability, simplicity, and speed and durability.

With the new machine, businesses can continue to proceed with label printing in a cost-effective manner. The Gulmen Digital Quantum label printing machine comes along with a user-replicable printhead. It delivers a superior speed while maintaining image quality. It is possible to use this machine and print up to a resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi. Also, it delivers a drop size of 2.1 pL. Printings can be stitched up to a total width of 1.2 meters.
There are multiple modules will be available along with the machine. The machine will offer simple plug and print technology. Due to the modularized architecture and plug and print system, it will be possible for to save a considerable amount of time and cut down unexpected expenses.

DuraFlex inks are the most reputed inks available out there in the market for inkjet printing. In fact, DuraFlex Inks have been able to receive positive attention for the quality of prints.

Our goal with developing the new “Quantum” machine is to create label printing solutions that are officiant and cost effective. The market for inkjet label printers shows strong growing demand in Australia.
Businesses across multiple industries will benefit from purchasing the Australian made new inkjet label printing machine with experience the impressive performance.