advantages of roll label printing

Advantages of Roll label printing

Sheet or roll labels are used for a variety of commercial purposes. Both label printing options have advantages and disadvantages depending on the application.

When businesses are just starting out, many make product labels, compound labels, warning labels and stickers, and various stickers using an ordinary office printer and sheets of self-adhesive paper purchased at the local office supply store. When you need a few dozen labels, this may be justified.

But as your business grows and orders increase, you may find that you need a more professional type of product, or manual product labeling has become an underperforming option, then it’s time to consider ordering roll labels instead of sheet labels.

The use of sheet labels

Sheet labels are ideal not only for small business start-ups, but also for specific situations. If you’re developing a new sticker or label for your products, sheet labels are an easy and affordable way to do a trial run. Experiment with different colors, fonts, shapes, and materials, and then test them out and get feedback from colleagues and friends before moving on to a run of labels you may not like.

Sheet labels may work for seasonal products. If you only need a small run of labels for a few hundred products, then sheet labels may be the best solution.

The use of roll labels

Roll labels are a continuous strip of labels attached to the liner and wound around the core. Unlike sheet labels, roll labels have no liner around the outer edge of the label itself. Rolled labels are usually made from the same materials and adhesives as sheet labels, they are simply wound onto a plastic or cardboard reel rather than placed on a flat sheet.

Label rolls are an affordable way to order labels or stickers in bulk. They are necessary for companies that need print runs of several thousand copies or more. As a rule of thumb, if you order more than $2,000 to $3,000 worth of labels, you can switch to self-adhesive roll labels. The larger the print run, the lower the cost of the label.

If you plan to use a labelling machines for your products, you will need to use roll labels. The choice of applicators is very wide and allows any business to find the right price/performance ratio solution.

Availability of roll label materials

A huge range of materials is available for roll labels, a much richer choice than among sheet materials. In addition, roll labels also offer decorations and finishes that you can’t get on sheet labels, such as white ink. This printing method applies white ink under the label on a clear film to create opacity in certain areas. The white backing can make the label design more vivid and the text more legible.
Roll label materials are much more technologically advanced in post-printing processing: embossing, protective and decorative coatings in the form of varnish or laminate, shaped cutting/cutting out.

Blank roll labels

Many companies offer blank roll labels, but keep in mind that to print roll labels yourself, you will need a special printer that can handle heat-sensitive paper.

Self-adhesive roll labels are the most popular labelling technology primarily because of their ease of use. Most food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and perfume manufacturers have already appreciated this convenience.

High performance

Many businesses that produce their own products are constantly looking for different ways to increase the productivity and efficiency of their production. Whether it’s by purchasing additional equipment or increasing the number of employees, the way to increase profits is to get more product out.

Finding cost-effective ways to increase efficiency is a common problem faced by many businesses, including – small and medium-sized businesses. Manufacturers, have many products that require labelling and packaging. Doing the labelling by hand is a very time-consuming process, and with larger orders coming in, business owners will have to hire more people to handle the orders on time and with the highest quality possible.

If your business is a large production of industrial products where the working conditions are quite complex, there is no better solution than the use of roll labels. In fact, there are quite a few industrial solutions that use multiple roll label applicators at once. If you already have applicators, you should make sure that you purchase the correct sizes of printed roll labels from your supplier. You can eliminate the mistake of buying labels that cannot be used on your applicators and optimize your printing costs by printing on roll labels yourself.

Today, it is important for every business in the food and beverage industry to have both roll labels and at least one label applicator. The number of products that are produced and shipped to retailers every day is large. If you only hire staff to label the products you produce, it will eat up a significant portion of your profits. Medium and small businesses, such as wineries and breweries, use different models of applicators when labelling products. This helps them make a decent profit and allows them to invest in new technology by reducing the cost of labelling their products.

The cost of roll labels

When printing with roll labels, you can print more labels compared to using sheet labels. The cost of printing on a label decreases when printing large runs, the smaller the run, the higher the cost per label per run. If you need to print several labels, or several dozen labels, then roll labels will definitely cost cheaper than sheet labels. In the case of sheet labels printed on office printers, their cost will still be higher because the waste (from unused labels on the sheet) will increase along with the number of types of labels printed.

Speed roll label printing

When it comes to printing labels, a company can’t afford to waste time. When label printing has a low production rate is delayed, the work of the company stops. Roll-to-roll labels print faster than sheet labels. This is explained by the fact that roll labels are printed on specialized label printers, which are high-performance devices designed specifically and only for this kind of work.

Low waste in the production of roll labels

Roll-fed labels are very economical and produce very little waste (except for operator input error or a factory defect in the label material itself). The design of the roll label printers eliminates label damage because the rolls are set very precisely. When printing sheet labels on office printers, it is necessary to adjust the feed trays of the printers and set the settings of the printer itself, and every time you change the settings with the change of label sizes.

The flexibility of roll label production

As your business grows, you need to get more creative with your label designs. You need to create labels for unique projects and be able to print labels in different shapes and sizes. Today, unlike sheet labels, hundreds of sizes of roll labels in different shapes are produced.

You can buy roll labels made from a variety of materials, giving you more choices. No matter if you want colored, clear, metallized, glossy or matt labels, paper labels or synthetic labels, labels with permanent or relocatable adhesive, water-resistant, and so on.

You will always find the best or at least the best solution.