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A subjective view of PacPrint 2022

From June 28 to July 1, 2022, the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre hosted the Label and Packaging expo – PacPrint.

We expected to see a big interest in the show, but we certainly did not expect such a huge attendance. It’s quite logical, because it’s the first show after all the lockdowns. Almost every stand was crowded, there were not enough chairs in conference areas and some presentations had to be standing. It seemed that visitors came from all over Australia to see for themselves how the packaging industry was developing.


For the exhibition was given one hall. Most of the exhibitors were suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and software for packaging industry. Some even brought plotters, large-format printers, and modest printing equipment like folders and laminators: it was very crowded around them.

The packers, who brought all kinds of cool robots-manipulators and different filling machines, were very surprised. All this was moving, making noise, spinning, and emitting bags, and undoubtedly added dynamism to the exhibition.

The producers of pulp and paper materials were very pleased, there were a lot of them. Describing the participants in broad strokes, separately we can note the motley group of exhibitors with boxes. There were noticeably many of them. Unshakable confidence of packaging manufacturers in the future certainly inspires a certain amount of optimism.


Talking with colleagues gave a huge boost of energy and hope that we can all cope with the challenges of today’s challenges. The main thing is not to stop and continue to create unique equipment. And the manufacturers of labelling equipment are as strong in this business as anyone else!