Slide OKI PRO 1050/1040 Paper & Laminates We offer a full range of papers and laminates for OKI PRO 1050/1040 label printing machine. COMMERCIAL LABEL & STICKER PRINTING MATERIALS Browse Label Material label sticker material Slide Quantumjet Elite High-end technology to deliver unparalleled print quality, speed and increasing overall productivity. COMMERCIAL DIGITAL LABEL PRINTING SOLUTION MORE INFO quantumjet elite Slide Quantumjet Lite Experience the real power of unmatched quality, speed & efficiency in industrial label printing. COMMERCIAL DIGITAL LABEL PRINTING SOLUTION MORE INFO quantumjet lite digital label printer Slide Vipcolor VP750 10% OFF The VP 750 is a cutting-edge digital label printing press, designed to seamlessly fit into commercial and industrial environments. DIGITAL LABEL PRINTER WITH WATER-RESISTANT
MORE INFO Industrial water resistant color desktop label printer vp750

Digital label printers, finishing equipment


OKI Pro series bring a new colour dimension to the label printing industry.

Desk Top Label Printer Equipped with White Toner
5 Colour CMYK + White


Commercial and Industrial label printers for high volume printing

Gulmen Digital offers wide range of label printers for heavy-duty and high volume printing. Commercial or Industrial label printers have a quick speed, are powerful, and have a various availability choices.


High performance digital label printers

Our selection of digital label printers is designed for all industries, delivering high-quality labels swiftly and at low cost. Enhance your branding with sharp, vibrant labels that stand out, ensuring both efficiency and quality.


We have a wide range of solutions and printers for various label production capacities.

Gulmen Digital

Digital printing is a vast industry that is growing with every passing day. Gulmen Digital is proud to be a major part of commercial and industrial label printing industry in Australia, offering the best and high-quality label printers, finishers, solutions and material. Customer contentment remains our first priority, and we aim at bringing premium quality machines to our clients. With a 20 year experience, we are able to provide technical services to our customers and strive to become better daily. You can purchase and even get your machine repaired through us. Gulmen Digital team of technicians are here to help you in all your needs. Our company believes in premium, and we sell premium too.


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