Ink, toners, labels and a great variety of digital printing equipment.

Are You Looking For Top Quality Custom Stickers & Label Printing?

Our sticker marketing services and products are guaranteed to help you boost your marketing campaign. With our top quality digital printing equipment we are passionate to provide our clients with custom stickers and labels that are aesthetically amazing and functional as well.

  • Personalised stickers
  • Stickers for kids
  • Food stickers
  • Beverage stickers
  • Product labelling to sell on Amazon or any on-line store
  • Trade printing to the labelling industry
  • Personalised sequential variable data numbering
  • QR code
  • Scan encrypted image to web link product authentication
  • Scan and track image encryption
  • Bar code
  • Variable data
  • Variable image printing
  • RFID label stickers
  • Packaging stickers

How to make most of your labels? Read our tips and tricks.


“Purchasing Gulmen Digital Any -002 printer and the DLD Knife Plotter Cutter increased our production lead times and waste.”

“We were immediately up and running after a wonderful installation and training process.”

“We are now 2 years down the track with the equipment with very little issues and if there is that hard question Gulmen Digital team are at our door step with a quick turn around.”

“We print all types of Chemical labels for our products or print our customers their own personalized labels.”

Check out our YouTube Channel to see quality overviews of our digital printing equipment in offer. Video presentation of our Digital machinery for Printing and Cutting process.

Custom Label Print

Gulmen Digital provides our valued customers with premium custom stickers and labels that suit their personal and business goals as well as their budget. Our sticker marketing services and products are guaranteed to help you boost your marketing campaign. We are passionate to provide our clients with quality custom label printing for custom stickers and labels that are aesthetically amazing and functional as well. Read more about custom sticker print.

Best Label Printers 2018

Every year we come to this period when it’s time to review the best machines/printers. This time we will review the best label printers for 2018. We’re sure that the list is going to be very tight and there is a slight difference between them. This is our top choice for this year and hopefully our readers too.

Label printers are compact and useful devices that use special cassettes or cartridges. Rather than counting on ink which can dry or keep unseemly blotches, label printers use warmth to precisely mark just the section of the tape that corresponds to your style. On top of that, they printing in a small number of smaller formats perfect for generating barcodes, labeling folders, or creating long lasting shipping addresses.

Repair & Servicing West Melbourne

Gulmen Digital is a highly committed company in the field of digital printing machines and digital printing  in Melbourne area, as we believe in offering supreme level of services so that our clients are happy and content with the offers we have for them.  We have been working in the industry since 15 years and we still continue to provide technical ability and customer services, thereby decreasing the running costs as well as the down time for the client’s businesses.

Marking the internet of things

While print is among the most effective and trusted media, online is super convenient, accessible and even more widely used. A new invisible marking system, DoT, is intent on bringing the two together and pushing the frontier of print communication.

The internet is gradually expanding, even if a comprehensive internet of things is yet to become a reality. More and more objects are manufactured with their own link to the web. Computer chips are embedded in products, whether
they’re needed or not. Intelligent products are increasingly attracting a premium, as they autonomously report back to the manufacturers, or allow owners to contact them when required. It is trend that will only increase.

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